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Adding a ScreenCloud TV Channel to Microsoft Teams

Embed a visual TV channel into your Microsoft Teams workspace for displaying company updates, announcements and news immediately to your teams and employees anywhere in the world.

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Keeping track of important messages in chat workspaces can be cumbersome. As your teams and employees strive to maintain productivity during their workdays, seeing a notification counter stack up can leave room for distraction and reroute focus. With the ScreenCloud App for Microsoft Teams, you can embed and display your key data and dashboards to everyone in your organization using a visual TV channel. The visual channel allows you to have full control over how, when, and where you display content in one spot.

With the ScreenCloud App for Microsoft Teams you can:

  • Embed a virtual player into your Microsoft Teams workspace
  • Easily share collaborations of content, dashboards, and notices with your teams
  • Broadcast your visual TV channel to every team, no matter where they work
  • Have a one-stop-shop for your employees to review urgent updates
  • Integrate ScreenCloud and Microsoft services, without needing a physical TV screen

Here’s how it works:

1. Create a channel to use with Microsoft Teams

Channels function similarly to a TV channel, giving you the ability to group and organize content in a meaningful way, by theme, usage, department, topic, or any other way you'd like. You can use channels to distribute specific content to your audiences, such as your teams and employees depending on your preference, and also display embeddable channels as a way to share a virtual player into websites, intranets, or online workspaces.

ScreenCloud App for Microsoft Teams - Channels Example 11.03.2020.png

Please note, this feature requires using ScreenCloud’s embeddable channels. For more information on how to set up a trial and discuss pricing for this feature, you can reach out to

ScreenCloud App for Microsoft Teams - Embedded Channels 11.03.2020.png

To get started with using ScreenCloud in Microsoft Teams, you can create a channel in your  ScreenCloud account. Once your channel has been created, head over to Microsoft Teams and connect your ScreenCloud account.

2. Integrate Microsoft Teams with ScreenCloud

2.1. Next, sign in to your Microsoft Teams account

ScreenCloud App for Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams Logo 11.03.2020.png

2.2. While you’re signed in, visit your App Space for Microsoft Teams and search for the “ScreenCloud” app. 

ScreenCloud App for Microsoft Teams - Sign In Logo Microsoft 11.03.2020.png
ScreenCloud App for Microsoft Teams - Search ScreenCloud 11.03.2020.png

2.3. Click on “ScreenCloud” and select the “Add to a team” option. Please note, only owners or administrators on Microsoft Teams accounts will have the ability to integrate ScreenCloud or any apps. If you’re having any trouble accessing or adding apps, we advise you to connect with your workspace administrator for further information.

ScreenCloud App for Microsoft Teams - ScreenCloud App Install 11.03.2020.png

2.4. Once you add the app, you’ll receive a prompt for selecting a channel to start using ScreenCloud with Microsoft Teams. 

2.5. Next, you’ll be prompted to log in with your ScreenCloud account. 

ScreenCloud App for Microsoft Teams - Log into ScreenCloud account 11.03.2020.png

3. Select your ScreenCloud channel to display in Microsoft Teams

3.1. Once you log in with your ScreenCloud account, you’ll receive a prompt to select a ScreenCloud organization connected with your email address. For instance, if you’re a member of multiple ScreenCloud organizations and sign in using one email address - you will see a drop-down menu of each organization you’re part of. Select the organization to which you’d like to connect a channel.

ScreenCloud App for Microsoft Teams - Choose your hubs.png

3.2. Next, select a “Space” from your ScreenCloud organization. These are the segments and teams which are managed from the account you’ve selected. 

3.3. After you’ve selected an organization and space, you’ll see a new drop-down menu appear which says “Select a channel” which you can use to choose a channel based on the selections you’ve made to connect with your ScreenCloud account. Please note, you can only view or use channels that have been set up to “Share with others” using the “Anyone in your <organization> can view”, or “Anyone with the link can view” option from your ScreenCloud account. 

Once you have selected your organization, space, and channel you can click “Save”. 

4. View your ScreenCloud channel in Microsoft Teams

4.1. Once you’re done configuring your options and have selected a channel, click “Save”. You’ll now see your channel embedded into your Microsoft Teams account as a virtual player. 

ScreenCloud App for Microsoft Teams - Display Image 11.03.2020.png

4.2. If you’d like to change the theming or branding while using the ScreenCloud app in Microsoft Teams, you can control this from your Microsoft Team settings. Click on your “Settings” option from the configurations drop-down menu and select between your theme options:

ScreenCloud App for Microsoft Teams - Themes 11.03.2020.png

i) Default (light): will change the UI and branding to a default light mode.

ii) Dark: will change the UI and branding to a dark mode. 

iii) High contrast: will change the UI and branding to a contrasting color mode. 

Please note, there is no custom theme support from Microsoft Teams at this time. The only options available are the themes available from your settings.

Frequently asked questions:

I’m unable to access or share an embeddable channel to use in Microsoft Teams, how can I fix this?

If you’re unable to share an embeddable channel to “Anyone in your <organization> can view” or “Anyone with the link can view”, it could be one of the following reasons which are affecting you from making changes:

  • Your ScreenCloud organization is not enabled to use Embeddable Channels, please click here to learn more.
  • You’re not provided with group permissions which allow you to manage channels. We recommend that you connect with your ScreenCloud organization owner or administrator.
  • You’re not viewing the space to which the channel was originally created to make changes. For instance, if the channel was created in “Space 1”, you cannot edit the shared channel in “Space 2” and have to edit the channel from its original space.

If you have any questions, please contact

I’m unable to add or access the “ScreenCloud” app from the Microsoft Teams app store, how can I fix this?

Only owners or administrators in a Microsoft Team workspace are allowed to manage, add or remove applications integrated into the workspace. We recommend that you connect directly with a contact in your organization who has administrative functions for Microsoft Teams or to help integrate the “ScreenCloud” app into your Microsoft Teams workspace.

Can I display more than one TV channel in my Microsoft Teams workspace?

ScreenCloud App for Microsoft Teams - Tabs 11.03.2020.png

Yes, you can add as many instances of the ScreenCloud app into your Microsoft Teams account as you’d like. All you have to do is repeat the process in this article to connect another channel. This will add an additional tab to your Microsoft Teams account.

I’d like to delete or remove a TV channel from my Microsoft Teams workspace, how can I do this?

ScreenCloud App for Microsoft Teams - Remove Channel 11.03.2020.png

You can delete or remove a ScreenCloud app instance at any time using your tab manager. Hover and click on the channel then select “Remove”. 

How do I change the ScreenCloud channel a tab is broadcasting in Microsoft Teams?

ScreenCloud App for Microsoft Teams - Access Settings 11.03.2020.png

While viewing your tabs, click on the channel you would like to change and select “Settings”. This will open a pop-up window with the configurations you need to select a new organization, space, and channel to display.

For further questions, please contact with details.  

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