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Microsoft Teams - Supported Features

Review what features are supported when sharing messages to ScreenCloud's Microsoft Teams app. Learn more about MS Teams and digital signage.

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The ScreenCloud Microsoft Teams app allows you to connect to Microsoft Teams and display your team's conversations, including messages containing media, links, and file attachments, onto your screens. However, there are limitations to what can be displayed. Below is a list of the non-transferrable features when sharing your messages to ScreenCloud's Microsoft Teams app.

User roles and private channels

The channels available in the editor view as well as the capability to display them on the screen will vary between different users depending on the user role and the channels they belong to.

Owner role team members:

  • Will see all channels in their team from the editor view
  • Can only display content from channels they are part of

Member role team members:

  • Will only see channels they are part of from the editor view
  • Can only display content from channels they are part of

Private channels are only available if the user is part of them.

Message types

Inside an MS Teams channel, users can either start a New conversation (channel message) or reply to a conversation (message reply).

✅ Channel messages are supported
❌ Message replies are not supported

Message reactions

❌ Message reactions are not displayed

Text content

When creating a new message, users have available a lot of tools to add styling to the text. ScreenCloud’s MS Teams app currently has support for some of them, while will ignore (text remains but styling is dismissed) others that they are not suitable for being displayed in our app. This means the message may look different in ScreenCloud than it looks in MS Teams if you use any of the features that we don’t support.

✅ Text style: bold, italic, underscore and strikethrough
✅ Emojis: currently using unicode equivalent (looks different than in MS Teams)

❌ Text size: large, medium and small
❌ Enrich style: heading 1, heading 2, heading 3, paragraph and monospace (when applied, this setting is a mixture of the previous two plus some vertical padding)
❌ Text highlight color
❌ Text color
❌ Text indentation (by paragraph: inside same message, different paragraphs can have different indentation)
❌ List: bulleted and numbered (indentation included)
❌ Line breaks
❌ Special styling: quoted text, link, code snippet
❌ Horizontal rule
❌ Table
❌ Important message

⚠️ Text length limits

When text content is too long, it is truncated after a certain character limit:

Title: 50 characters
Body: 150 characters

Media content

When creating a new message, users may attach many different types of media content in many different ways. ScreenCloud’s MS Teams app currently has support for the majority of them. Below there’s a list of the supported features:

Uploading media through the action bar

Microsoft Teams Supported Features.png

✅ Recent
✅ Browse teams and channels
✅ OneDrive
✅ Upload from my computer

All other means of uploading media

✅ Drag & drop file into the chat
❌ Copy and paste via clipboard (aka ctrl C + ctrl V)

Supported image files format


Supported video files format

✅ MP4

QR Codes

QR Codes are displayed when the user uploads a file extension that is not supported (none of the listed above). This means, uploading file extensions such as pdf, docx or ppt will result in a QR Code that points to the file inside OneDrive. This link is authenticated which means it only works when accessing them with an email linked to a valid MS Teams account with access rights to the file. This usually means only the team members will be allowed to access them.

More than one attachments

ScreenCloud’s MS Teams app currently has limited support for uploading multiple attachments. Only the first attachment uploaded will be used, and all the others will be ignored. We’re working on adding a new content layout that will support this.

For further questions, please reach out to

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