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Microsoft Teams - App Permissions

What app permissions to prepare in Microsoft so that you can connect to ScreenCloud's Microsoft Teams app

August  2022

ScreenCloud Post

Microsoft Teams APIs that access sensitive data require additional validation and admin consent. This is the case with ScreenCloud’s Microsoft Teams app: it needs specific permission to read user channel messages.

Therefore, we’ll need to grant admin consent to the ChannelMessage.Read.All permission. This permission allows an app to read a channel's messages in Microsoft Teams on behalf of the signed-in user. You may find the official documentation about this permission here.

Grant admin consent for ScreenCloud Microsoft Teams permissions

Your admin of your Azure directory can grant permissions for Microsoft Teams in two ways:

1. Using the link:

To set this up you need to plug in your tenant id to the following URL (replace the {tenant-id} variable inside the curly braces){tenant-id}/adminconsent?client_id=e103cb09-ab5c-4966-8ba4-40ad594aa53a

This should prompt the admin to login and confirm consent to the permissions required by the app.

2. Using the portal:

  • Start from your Azure directory.
  • Go to Enterprise applications from the left menu, select ScreenCloud Teams
  • Go to Permissions from the left menu and select Grant admin consent for <your-org>
  • The permissions ScreenCloud requires for the Microsoft Teams app to run will be listed.
  • Your admin will need to accept these permissions for your organisation.
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