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4 Workplace Digital Signage Tips to Improve Employee Engagement

Disengagement in the workplace is often caused by a lack of trust from employees, little recognition from management and zero opportunity for development made available by HR teams. For the opposite effect, companies must adopt effective and agile engagement strategies to reap the benefits of productive and happy employees.

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Friendly Disclaimer: this is not just another blog about how the world pandemic and great resignation has impacted the workplace – but just subtle mentions so we can eloquently get our point across.

It’s no secret that the global workplace has been impacted by the eye-opening pandemic which made employees shift their priorities – and consequently created the evolution of the great resignation.

These world-changing events have resulted in employee engagement and employee retention suffering devastating blows in the workplace. But that’s not all – because of these failing elements, budgets and revenues also get affected and cost US companies up to $1.1 billion to replace employees, annually.

Employee engagement equals employee retention

Employees are motivated when they strongly believe in the company’s mission and purpose - but when these employees reflect on whether the values or priorities of their companies no longer align with theirs – they can easily become disengaged and end up leaving.

Yes - just. like. that.

However, and as consequences would, it has led employers to also reflect on their planning and workforce strategies – well, at least some of them – as only 25% of businesses have active engagement strategies in place. So, it makes sense why (a staggering) 85% of employees are not engaged in the workplace – according to Gallup.

While employee engagement is measured by an employee’s commitment and involvement at work, employee experience is also determined by their satisfaction and the value that they add to the workplace.

So in essence, a satisfied employee becomes an engaged and committed employee. But when wanting to elevate an employee’s experience, it can become tricky as employees’ needs come in different forms.

With 80% of the global workforce being deskless, and another 80% of employees who value diversity and inclusion in the workplace - it’s important that companies adopt an agile engagement strategy that caters to their office-based, deskless, and diverse workforces.

You may have realized already that this article may (or may not) be a mirror held up to management and HR teams so that they can better engage with their employees - and boost employee retention and satisfaction.

Here we’ll share some enticing engagement ideas, that obviously includes a splash of digital signage usage tips.

Create an inclusive and equal workplace culture

As shown earlier, 80% of employees value diversity and inclusion in the workplace. This means that companies need to focus on the inclusion of their employees, regardless of their race, age, gender and so forth. These could be in the form of:

  • Raising awareness of social and political events in the workplace
  • Addressing communication barriers
  • Creating focus groups
  • Equal learning opportunities

Companies will reach their employees on different levels, which will make them more engaged by feeling noticed and valued.

Tip: Digital signage can help increase awareness by displaying news forums or by hosting live focus group events that are broadcasted on industrial screens across different locations and offices.

Recognition and appreciation of employees

As per research, employees value feedback – whether it’s good or bad. It means that they are being recognized and will either be able to improve on their current capabilities or be motivated to go the extra mile for the company.

And evidently, appreciation goes a long way - as 69% of employees have indicated that they’ll work harder if they were recognized.

Tip: Implement reward and recognition programmes with interactive digital signage by sending ‘praise and thanks’ messages from top management to employees for the whole office to see. This can also spark motivation among other employees as they will see that efforts are being noticed.

Importance of employees’ health and wellbeing

Mental health has become a top priority for many organizations as those who are burnt out or suffer from depression and anxiety are less likely to be engaged, satisfied and productive.

Creating a safe and understanding environment will help companies increase their employee retention, as 96% of employees have indicated that empathy is an important factor when deciding to stay at a company.

Tip: Cultivate awareness by distributing the latest health policies digitally and setting up live mental health workshops on one centralized platform.

Upskilling employees with equal learning opportunities

Employee engagement trends often cite employee growth and development opportunities – which proves that it’s an aspect that employees are serious about.

According to Gartner, constantly upskilling employees coupled with digital dexterity will outweigh tenure and experience in the next 10 years.

Thus, career advancement isn’t only beneficial for employees, but necessary for companies’ growth and coming of age. Cultivating new leaders will lead to new innovations, revolutions, and agile workforces.

Tip: Create next-level training and development programmes by mixing up your training materials with digital signage’s smart features and integrated design tool.

Leading tech that truly elevates employee engagement

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