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How Design Agency Thin Martian Use Digital Signage to Showcase Their Latest Work to Impress Visiting Clients

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How ScreenCloud digital signage improved both client and internal communications for this London agency.

Thin Martian is a leading interface design agency based in the heart of London. With core services spanning UX and IA, UI and frontend build, for clients such as the BBC, Microsoft, British Airways and Tepilo, Thin Martian are keen to impress at every level. Set in fashionable Old Street, Thin Martian wanted to pair its recent rebrand and launch with an office that embodied its key values.

Initial digital signage aims:

  • Create new office screens as a means for communications and meeting management
  • Use screens as the focal point of contact with potential clients - able to showcase up-to-the-minute Thin Martian designs
  •  Be able to easily switch between content and change playlists depending on who is visiting the office at that time

Here we speak to Rachel Wilde, Managing Director at Thin Martian, to discuss how and why they chose ScreenCloud digital signage.

Digital signage journey

Many digital signage offerings we have tried in the past have either been expensive or clunky and not easy enough for any member of the team to use. We wanted anyone -from intern to CTO- to be able to change the screen content and for it to be showing within minutes. We often have last minute meetings, presentations and pitches so we needed a system that could adapt just as quickly. The ScreenCloud interface made this work - with a dashboard which allowed us to add new images, videos and URLs to new projects in seconds. The cost at $20 per screen, per month is affordable and I liked the idea that if a screen isn’t working for you, you can simply take it off and not be charged or forced to stay in a contract.

Digital signage used

At Thin Martian we already owned two Samsung office screens, which we decided to keep and use alongside two Amazon Fire TV Sticks. After speaking to ScreenCloud, we decided the TV sticks would be our best player of choice. At $40 each, the sticks could easily play the images, videos and HTML content we wanted while remaining cost effect and simple to set up.

Being a design and UI agency, we were able to create a series of image and video showreels in house. However, we also use many of the apps in the ScreenCloud App Store - Twitter, YouTube, TechCrunch and BBC News mainly, which helps our team stay up to date with what’s going on in the world and our industry. Our total cost was a one-off fee of $80 for the sticks, the screens we already owned and the $20 per month for ScreenCloud. Definitely affordable, even with us being a smaller agency.

Results using ScreenCloud

As designers we expect the products we use to be both beautiful and functional - ScreenCloud delivers on both aspects. Our team are all enthusiastic about using it and our clients are definitely noticing a difference when they come into our offices - plus we get to show off a little on what we’re working on! Everyone loves seeing their work on the big screen and we’ve also made them a focal point for meetings, using ScreenCloud’s apps to show our latest statistics or reports. Considering they’re just two screens they’ve completely changed the look and feel of our office and a lot of that is down to ScreenCloud. Thank you!

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