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How In-Store Digital Signage Created Increased Engagement and Brand Recognition for Footwear Retailer SoleTrader

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How SOLETRADER achieved a competitive advantage using ScreenCloud digital signage.

SOLETRADER is a premium fashion retailer specialising in branded footwear for men and women, from vintage classics to modern originals. Launched in 1946 the company, which retains its family-owned status today, has up to 50 different stores across the UK. They needed a digital signage solution that could be easily rolled out across their stores, using the most up to date technology to join up social media with the in store experience for all customers.

Initial digital signage aims:

  • A platform that would save them time, money and effort compared to their existing digital signage solution.
  • To increase engagement in stores and across a number of online platforms.
  • To find a system that would ensure content was fully up to date - at any given moment in time.

Here, we speak to Marcel Bordon, CEO at SOLETRADER on his experience using ScreenCloud and digital signage.

Digital signage journey

We have around 50 stores at any one moment and were looking for a digital signage solution to update the movement and the engagement within our stores.

We used to use something which was updated say, twice a year, where we’d have to produce a video on typically old-fashioned technology like a CD-ROM. It wasn’t up to date because as soon as you put it in, it was actually out of date whereas the digital signage solution we got from ScreenCloud is completely up to date at all times because it’s feeding a live feed from our Instagram pages.

Digital signage used

We have an online media feed sent via our company network through an Amazon Fire TV Stick to a Samsung screen. To get all parts communicating correctly was the challenge.

ScreenCloud proved to be the best option after our media team researched the marketplace because ScreenCloud integrates well with all parts of the process.

We create all of our content in-house and this is sent directly to screen.

Results using ScreenCloud

ScreenCloud has been great and store staff and customers are responding well to the new feeds.

The ScreenCloud solution is a very good solution for saving time, effort and cost. It is an up to date, up to the minute, presentation of our imagery in store and our customers have reacted well to the screens in store. We hear from all our staff who say this has definitely created an increase in engagement and recognition of the brand awareness.

It’s a whole different process, it’s a seamless process and it’s way better than what we used to do.

Our future ambitions are to roll this out across all SOLETRADER stores.

Our advice to other businesses? Well I’d tell them not to bother with ScreenCloud because that’s our competitive advantage. We are absolutely saving time, effort and money on working with ScreenCloud.

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