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Faith Community Bible Church Use Digital Signage to Display Posters for Upcoming Events and Sermon Series in a Visually Appealing Way

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Sharing information from a church to its visitors easily.

Faith Community Bible Church is a community church located in Idaho. Since its inception in 2003, it has grown into an organization whose aim is to glorify God by pointing the affections of all peoples to the all satisfying person of Jesus Christ. It does this through weekly services, events, study groups, outreach programmes and youth groups.

Initial digital signage aims:

  • A simple way to display important information.
  • The ability to show upcoming events in a visually appealing way.
  • A system which is easy to navigate.

Here, we speak to Pastor Jason Wolin on his experience using ScreenCloud and digital signage.

Digital signage journey

ScreenCloud’s main purpose within our Faith Community Bible Church was to display important information about upcoming events and the current sermon series in a graphically appealing way.

Digital signage used

We enjoy the ambiance that the screens create and how we are able to communicate this information. Usability is the biggest factor in choosing ScreenCloud over other services as well as the ability to change the images weekly, and easily navigate the ScreenCloud website.

Results using ScreenCloud

It is very easy to use and displays images and information in a visually appealing, eye-catching way. It is great to be able to use ScreenCloud to display images on big screens that act as posters for upcoming events and sermon series information.

We really like it!

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