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How Desklodge Strengthened the Members Community in Its Co-Working Spaces Using Digital Signage

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How ScreenCloud helped build the community and increased member opportunities at coworking space Desklodge.

Desklodge is a series of creative coworking spaces throughout the UK that builds community between its members. They needed a digital signage solution that would take the community centre they had built online and place it onto the walls of their coworking space.

Initial digital signage aims:

  • To find a way of taking their community software and putting it up on the wall.
  • Software that could share multiple different mediums: from videos, to messages and social media.
  • A system that could manage screens in multiple locations, both public-facing and internal.

Here, we speak to Tom Ball, Founder of Desklodge on his experience using ScreenCloud and digital signage.

Digital signage journey

We have our own community software so we track who’s in the building right now, what they’re saying on Twitter etc. We had this so people could log into the website and we then wanted a way of having it on the wall. A way of communicating with our members and sharing different things, different messages and different videos. That’s why we went to market trying to find a digital signage solution.

Digital signage used

We tried a few of the different ScreenCloud apps. The ones that we use the most now are the Facebook and the Twitter app. It’s the fact that the content becomes timely and we don’t have to think about it but our ScreenCloud screens are always up to date with the latest content.

We have 14 screens across the two sites, most of these are public facing but we also have a couple we use internally for tracking KPIs and dashboards.

Results using ScreenCloud

I think the most popular screens that we have are the ones above the kettle. People are stood there waiting and they're hanging around for a couple of minutes - having the screen right there engages people.

They’ll say "oh look there’s you, I didn’t know you were doing that". So people within the coworking spaces will end up meeting each other. I don’t think they’ll ever realise that it was through the screens that they met but it helps people to naturally know what’s going on without having to interrupt them.

Of all the ways we connect people it’s by far the simplest and the most successful that we’ve tried so far.

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