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Digital Signage Has Made Promoting Upcoming Events at the Strand Ballroom & Theatre a Breeze

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How this venue implemented multiple different digital signage screens under one system using ScreenCloud.

The Strand Ballroom & Theatre is Providence Rhode Island’s oldest theatre. Opening over 100 years ago on June 12, 1915, it has recently had a complete re-launch in order to bring the best national and international acts and tours of all genres back to Providence. As part of the renovation they wanted to use a series of digital screens to impress customers and display live information across the venue.

Initial digital signage aims:

  • A platform that would be easy to use and set up
  • To be able to use multiple different screens, with multiple different purposes under one platform
  • To easily be able to update content

Here, we speak to Jeff Dodge, IT Manager at The Strand, on its new digital signage strategy using ScreenCloud.

Digital signage journey

Within our new renovations we installed several TVs around the venue, all for different purposes and in different locations.

We looked at many screencasting solutions but we found ScreenCloud to be the easiest to use and the easiest to set up. We did not have to purchase any extra expensive equipment and the ScreenCloud solution had the most features available such as Live Page Scroll app and the ability to show pre-loaded content.

Digital signage used

Within our new renovations we installed several TVs around the venue, all for different purposes. We purchased Vizio Televisions and they had VIZIOcast, which is essentially Chromecast, installed in all of them so we did not have to purchase any additional hardware.

For content we used a combination of our own content such as flyers created in Photoshop and ScreenCloud’s apps for displaying content such as our website.

The screens we power with ScreenCloud include:

  • A TV behind each of our bars where we display flyers, drink specials, logos, and a goodnight screen for the end of the night, plus live stream videos from the stage.
  • Two TVs on either side of the stage which we use to display our logo, band logos, etc.
  • Five TVs within our lobby (two hung vertically) for displaying our website using ScreenCloud’s ability to scroll, upcoming events, and safe driving logos for Uber and Lyft.
  • Two TVs outside the front doors of our venue which we have for showing upcoming event flyers.

Results using ScreenCloud

Your solution for our screens has totally been delivered successfully. It allows us to display our upcoming events with ease and it is very impressive to customers. We love your service!!

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