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Brentwood School Has Found Digital Signage to Be an Elegant and Timely Way of Communicating with Students and Their Parents

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How Brentwood School uses ScreenCloud to communicate with students and their families. Digital signage enables them to schedule content in advance and get the information to end-users in a timely manner.

Brentwood School is an independent day school with two campuses four blocks apart in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles. They needed a digital signage solution to be able to share important information with students and their families.

Initial digital signage aims: 

  • Improve communication with students and parents
  • Ability to schedule content in advance 
  • Find a system that allows for independent contributors but with centralized content control

Here, we speak to Meredith Storrs, Assistant Director of Communications at Brentwood School on her experience using ScreenCloud digital signage.

Digital signage journey

Our school is split across a West and East Campus and it’s important to the communications department that we’re able to reach everyone, regardless of location, when we have important information to share. 

We were looking for a digital signage tool that allowed different contributors across the school to manage their own screens independently yet enabled our department to approve the content remotely. 

Digital signage used

Using ScreenCloud we have 13 screens across our two campuses to help us remind students and parents about upcoming events and other important news. 

The scheduling feature lets us plan ahead on what we’re sharing, while the zoning feature means we can split the screen and have multiple pieces of content showing at the same time.

We want the individual contributors to add their own content, but we also want to be mindful of it being accurate, looking good and being on brand. It’s really helpful that through ScreenCloud I can see and approve what our team have created to send out and that I can manage that from anywhere.

Results using ScreenCloud

ScreenCloud has been tremendously effective in helping us get the information our families need in a timely manner and in a way that looks really good. It’s been such an effective way to promote our upcoming events.

I would recommend ScreenCloud to any other communications department because it helps you do your work and it’s so easy to use. 

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