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London, UK




Network management

How Global Digital Solutions Provider Ricoh Uses ScreenCloud to Improve Efficiency and Enable a Well-Informed and Connected Workforce

ScreenCloud Case Study Hero

How Ricoh integrates ScreenCloud into their Ricoh Spaces digital workplace solution to help their clients navigate office spaces with efficiency, reduce cost and confusion, and ultimately transform the work environment. 

Operating in nearly 200 countries and regions, Ricoh provides a wide range of digital workplace solutions, including office equipment, document workflow, and IT communication services, to empower businesses to become more productive, effective, and agile. They chose ScreenCloud as a digital signage partner for the Ricoh Spaces platform to integrate the signage functionality to offer a user experience-driven connected workplace.

What did Ricoh need from us?

  • Expand their Ricoh Spaces’ product offering 
  • Help their customers communicate important information to employees such as company announcements and Covid-19 safety measures  
  • Enable people to easily find their way around the workplace, reducing inefficiency and confusion
  • Display relevant real-time analytics, insights, and updates 

Here, we speak to Nathan Thomas, Digital Product & Software Engineering Lead at Ricoh on his experience working with ScreenCloud's Professional Services team and integrating ScreenCloud into their Ricoh Spaces platform. 

Ricoh's digital signage experience

At Ricoh, our needs and requirements are larger than most. With a huge employee base and a global footprint, we operate on a truly enterprise scale. 

Ricoh Spaces is designed to help your business drive efficiencies by creating a truly connected, smart workplace, solving your problems today while anticipating the needs of tomorrow.

We wanted a digital signage solution that was not only smooth to integrate with our Ricoh Spaces platform, but would also allow our customers to take their digital workplace experience to the next level.

ScreenCloud & Ricoh working in sync

We took part in a two-day hackathon alongside ScreenCloud’s developers and Professional Services team to integrate their signage platform into Ricoh Spaces using their API. The hackathon was run virtually via Microsoft Teams, with open communication between the teams throughout. 

Our combined development was a breeze. From the initial conversation to the ongoing development, ScreenCloud has always been able to adapt and deliver on our ever-moving goalposts with our Ricoh Spaces platform.  

Ricoh Spaces enables businesses to tackle the key challenges they face today and in the future, and helps them bring about a digital transformation at the pace they desire. ScreenCloud is a great tool to help keep employees in the loop with company announcements and recent updates. Apps like Canvas and News are super easy to use and can be customized to meet specific needs. 

Users, both at Ricoh and our customers’ companies, can utilize ScreenCloud to show real-time occupancy information of crowded public spaces like bathrooms and kitchens on screens so that people know if a place is safe to enter.

Results using ScreenCloud- What did we achieve together?

ScreenCloud has been instrumental in helping move our product development forward. Since the collaboration was relatively recent (coupled with the pandemic outbreak), we look forward to hearing other feedback and results that our customers can share in the future. We’re currently working closely with ScreenCloud to explore other sales and co-marketing opportunities. 

“We've thoroughly enjoyed working with ScreenCloud as they share our same passion for design and development, along with the thirst to create truly innovative products pushing the boundaries from the status quo.”

ScreenCloud quote author

Nathan Thomas

Digital Product & Software Engineering Lead, Ricoh


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