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ScreenCloud September Update 2018

Juicy September updates from us to you.

ScreenCloud Post

Each month at ScreenCloud we pick the five biggest things that have happened to share with you. Sometimes they’re launches, sometimes they’re stories and occasionally they’re mistakes and learnings. A lucky dip of startup goings-on if you will. Enjoy!

1. When apps exceed their primary purpose

At our last count, the ScreenCloud App Store contained 66 apps. That’s a whole lot of content creation tools in the digital signage arsenal. In fact, it’s one of the main things both our customers and our competitors mention when they speak to us.

But you know what else we love?

When an app goes beyond its primary purpose and gets a whole range of alter egos. This month our Digital Menu Board app has had two big updates: more fonts and the ability to hide prices. As our team discovered, when you can hide prices you can use the app to do more stuff. Like create a “Meet the Team” page of our lovely apps team, or a list of products.

Check out this guide for more ideas.

2. Meeting rooms that make us laugh

We’ve shared a few offices in the ScreenCloud lifetime and something that always amuses, and occasionally frustrates us, is the awkward social dance we all do around meeting rooms. You know when you’ve only got 1 or 2 to share between the whole floor?

So we wrote about the 7 types of meeting room lurkers you find in offices. We’d love to hear if you can relate!

3. ScreenCloud Together!

Something we haven’t mentioned much is that September marks the month for our very first ScreenCloud Together! From three continents and locations such as San Francisco, London, Thailand and Vietnam, all of our team will be in the same very attractive lodge in Zakopane, Poland for the very first time.

CEO Mark has spent months talking to other startups to find their thoughts on the best format, location and activities to breed creativity and well, togetherness. No doubt we’ll share some of our learnings once we’re back and recovered from the huge lovefest!

4. The importance of storytelling

ScreenCloud storytelling masters Mark and David are talking on the latest Behind the Screens Podcast about storytelling and its importance internally. In this episode they discuss how stories help communicate intent and keep everyone rowing in the same direction. Meandering off into a few other stories to make their point along the way.

Listen to it here.

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