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ScreenCloud June 2019 Update

ScreenCloud Post

We like transparency at ScreenCloud and try to keep the lines of communication between our investors, team and customers as open as possible. Each month you can dive in here and read some of the things taken from our monthly investor updates, plus the daily life of our company, product and team.


Tips on zoning for your digital signage screens

Whilst we want to build the best product around for sending content to screens, sometimes it’s the content that makes things fall down. Without a designer on board, it can be easy to make a digital signage faux pas, like zoning your screen into 10 sections. Which would be pretty confusing to the viewer right? In the latest Screen Hack Friday episode we debunked some of the myths around screen zoning, with tips on how to make your screen look great.

Free independence day digital signage templates

In honour of Fourth of July, we created these free digital signage templates to promote, and celebrate, Independence Day. In Google Slides, aka the easiest way to design and share content to your screens.


Distributed founders

Nowadays, fully or partly remote teams are becoming more commonplace but when Luke, ScreenCloud’s 3rd CoFounder, originally moved to Bangkok, distributed companies weren’t really a thing. In the most recent Behind the Screens episode, Mark, David and Luke, who was over from Bangkok for the week, discuss what having your CoFounders spread across different continents has meant for ScreenCloud.

California roadtripping

The content team were sent off on a Californian road trip this month, visiting San Francisco and Los Angeles to meet some of our ScreenCloud customers, provide a sneak preview of the new ScreenCloud and to capture video case studies. What did they learn? You can read all about it in this blog of learnings.

ScreenCloud does LinkedIn

Do you know a channel we’ve not always done that much on? LinkedIn. But we feel as though the tide is changing, and as we grow and embark on our mission to become one of the best companies to work at in the world, it seemed like a good time to adopt the “careers” platform. So we did. Now you can view our new and improved ScreenCloud LinkedIn page which goes behind the scenes of our culture and team.


Chatting the future of IoT at Infocomm

If you thought that Sam, five time star of Screen Hack Friday, was a natural on camera, you would be right. At InfoComm this month, he took to the mic to talk about the future of IoT, where we see screens landing (hint: it’s programmatic) and some of the cool things we’ve seen our customers do via their digital screens.

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