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ScreenCloud July 2016 Update

At ScreenCloud, we believe in running an open business. Every month, we send out an investor update — these blog posts are are an extract from those updates.

ScreenCloud Post

An eventful month! Despite some turmoil in the country and a few challenges of our own, we’re celebrating new partnerships, a growing team and some cool new projects.


Last month saw a focus on our new App Store and vertical screen support. This month has been about building the infrastructure of our team, billing and new partnerships.


  • Having worked as a very lean team for the past year, this month saw us bring in two talented new people to help with Customer Support and our Partnership programme. This will give customers a dedicated channel to receive expert support from and also helps us progress more rapidly at bringing in excellent apps and partners that give our customers more choice on what they put up onto their screens.


  • Speaking of new partners! We have a ton of new ones to talk about, but to just skim the surface we wanted to let you know about Bidstack — a new outdoor platform that will allow, yes that’s right, our customers to begin monetizing their screens. Also Sparkle, a social media aggregator that you can see used in the image above at a festival in Cannes — very cool and one we can see being in high demand! Keep an eye on our App Store for more apps and partnerships emerging all the time.


  • One of the ways we see digital signage (and ScreenCloud) evolving over the next 6–12 months is through added interactivity. Feilo Sylvania, one of our enterprise clients, made a great video showcasing how ScreenCloud can be used to power interactive screens. Their virtual showroom is a great example of how digital signage is evolving to focus on experience and customer interaction rather than just passive displays.

Out and about

Growing, growing…

  • We’ve just broken through the $10,000 MRR mark, which is certainly a milestone worth celebrating! Sign-ups are still increasing as we continue to get the word out to old and new digital signage users.


What’s been keeping us up at night…


  • It’s become clear to us this month that some digital signage work can be hit by seasonality. Many of our clients in schools and the education sector shut down for the summer. Due to our flexible payment plan, this can slow down our perceived MRR. As a B2B company we also rely on businesses actioning new projects which can be slow when everyone’s sunning themselves in the Algarve! Saying that, our sign up rates have continued to increase and churn is still low this month.


  • It saddened us this month to see the country hit the self implode button as a result of Brexit and vote in favor of leaving the EU. Like most startups, it’s a concern how this news would be received by European and UK-based investors and customers. You can read more about our thoughts on the exit (alongside other startups) in this post.


  • This month hasn’t been our fastest in terms of product updates and new roll-outs. That said, we’ve managed to do a lot of work revamping our billing system to allow annual billing and separate invoicing. Whilst not the most glamourous of product features, these are essential to our customers!

Looking ahead…

The month ahead sees us do more work in Asia on raising our Seed Round, adding well-requested apps such as Instagram and Facebook to our store and giving the ScreenCloud website a summer refresh! Look out for August’s news to find out more.

If you liked this post please tell us! Recommends, tweets and banners are all welcomed forms of communication. We promise to check out your great work in return :-)

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