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ScreenCloud July 2015 Update

At ScreenCloud, we believe in running an open business. Every month, we send out an investor update — this blog posts, and the others tagged ScreenCloud Monthly, are are an extract from those updates.

ScreenCloud Post

It’s been a month of raising funds, building tech, doing customer development, product development, and resourcing the team.


We’re a load of data-loving geeks, and will be measuring lots of things about how ScreenCloud is performing as a business. We won’t be sharing everything in public, but we’re hoping to pull out one or two stats that are interesting!

Early beta interest

To gauge early customer interest, we’ve had a ‘Sign up here to hear about when we launch” newsletter on the site since late April. The sign-up rates have been encouraging, with more than 400 potential customers to date.

Private Beta for SignCloud

Our ‘Private Beta’ is starting to gather momentum. To date, we’ve had 96 screens added for testing, meaning we’re getting some useful data back about how people are using their screens. Awesome!


  • Term Sheet agreed our lead angel investor, so our pre-seed fundraising is moving along nicely.
  • Very positive conversations with some very big brands, including a major TV network, a huge cosmetics brand, and several large universities around the world. We’re setting them up with trials as we speak
  • On Twitter, we were able to secure the @Screencloud username — much better than @screencloudio, obviously! (Who’s Claudio anyway ;-)
  • SignCloud launching in public beta towards the end of next week. After that, we’re completing billing, and are working towards a full launch with paying customers towards the end of August.
  • The Codegent staff who were working on ScreenCloud are now joining ScreenCloud full time from August 1st, meaning we get significantly more resources at our disposal. Hurrah!


  • We had hoped to launch SignCloud by the end of July, but kept running into pesky bugs in testing. We’ve made great progress, however, and have a temporary solution to some of the bigger issues, while we come up with a more permanent solution.
  • We planned to have the pre-seed fundraiser completed by the end of July, but we’re making great progress, and are hoping to close our funding round in August.

Header image: Abstract Blues (cc) by Zoltán Vörös

 SC Gradient

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