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Promote Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace with Workplace Digital Signage

Diversity and inclusion has become the catalyst for employee satisfaction, engagement and retention - but it’s really the communication methods between companies and their employees that bring it all together. Here we’ll address the different areas of diversity and inclusion companies must address and how digital signage can help break those barriers.

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According to a CNBC survey, almost 80% of workers prefer to work for a company that values diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

As modern employees are starting to hold companies more-and-more accountable for their values, principles and behaviors - companies are implored to better promote and support diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

But, what’s really interesting is that when you look up the top diversity and inclusion challenges in the workplace - you’ll notice that communication ranks up to be number 1 almost every time.

Although diversity and inclusion has become a catalyst for employee satisfaction, engagement and retention – communication is right at the center of it.

Those who have been following ScreenCloud’s work - connecting the deskless workforce with key company narratives - might raise the question:

“If an average deskless employee feels that they are disengaged and not receiving enough communication from their companies, how does a diverse deskless employee feel and what’re companies doing about it?”

Well, we’re glad you asked.

With the right diversity and inclusion strategy and added workplace digital signage solutions, companies will be able to scale their diverse and displaced employee engagement, satisfaction and retention much more easily.

What’s the difference between diversity and inclusion?

Diversity speaks of what your company comprises of in terms of employee demographics: race, age, gender, sexual orientation and so on.

Whereas inclusion, brings together a diverse workforce through the company culture and ensures that each employee receives equal opportunities and recognition.

Here we’ll address some key areas companies must consider when developing their diversity and inclusion strategy.

Diversity ratio 1: Social and political events

Companies that raise and speak up against social and political issues that are happening around the world, and even more specifically in employees’ communities, can make their diverse employees feel more connected, recognized and valued.

Communicating the company’s involvement and contributions to social and political causes, will help shine a light on the company’s interests and values outside of the workplace - which will lead to a boost in employee appreciation, morale and satisfaction.   

This will also create a sense of cultural awareness around the workplace and inspire employees to follow the same behaviors and become more conscientious and empathetic towards their colleagues’ personal challenges.

Diversity ratio 2: Address communication challenges

Diverse employees’ communication styles differ vastly from your native English employees. Thus, impacting the way they converse, provide solutions, and respond to authority.

A lack of this cultural awareness will result in employees becoming disconnected and discouraged, creating a barrier for productivity and inclusion which lead to a decrease in morale.  

Inclusion ratio 1: Demographical data and focus groups

The first step to inclusion in the workplace is to understand who your employees are, where they’re from, what their values are and importantly, their methods of communication.

Gathering this information can be sought through surveys or one-on-one sessions, but it’s important to segment the data in terms of employees’ ethnicities, genders, sexual orientation and so forth. 

Once this information has been collated, companies can conduct focus groups to gain better insight on the challenges employees face within the workplace and within their cultural communities.

This will help companies to identify solutions to speak to their diverse employees’ needs to increase employee inclusion and retention.

Inclusion ratio 2: Equal learning and development opportunities

After research, it’s been established that the key to retaining top talent and increasing employee-job-satisfaction, is to ensure that they have access to learning and growth opportunities within the company.

To promote diversity and inclusion, companies must ensure that employees have equal access to learning and development within the company.

ScreenCloud’s role in uniting diverse and deskless employees

ScreenCloud’s digital signage solutions have helped over 8 500 organizations break employee engagement and communication barriers. 

Their digital signage and hardware solutions continue to reach different heights by providing methods to companies that can help them promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Here’s how:

  • Social and political news: ScreenCloud’s integrated Live News and News apps, can share live news feeds or publish news on events happening around them. Giving non-diverse employees exposure to cultural affairs that may not be aware of. 
  • Focus Groups: Conducting focus groups with diverse employees that are deskless can be done simply with ScreenCloud’s live broadcast integration.
  • Communication and languages: When displaying or communicating feedback centrally to employees, by including (accurately) translated versions will help diverse employees gain a better understanding of the message that is being conveyed. For hearing-impaired employees, hire a sign language interpreter to join the live broadcast.

Scale your diverse and deskless workforce’s needs with ScreenCloud’s flexible and affordable solutions

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