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A New Way to Better Understand Data in Sales and Marketing Teams

We show you a better way to share data and make sales and marketing speak the same language.

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Marketing and data are pretty synonymous now right? Cutting the data this way and that way tells you a lot more about your audience than the good old fashioned method (guesswork and pure luck).

As digital signage creators and advocates of great content, we think there’s plenty of clever ways to make data more manageable too. Crunching in Google spreadsheets serves a purpose but displaying an incredible looking digital signage display adds another element.

This is where Cyfe come in.

Cyfe is a creator of all-in-one online business dashboards. As we’ve discussed before, digital dashboards used in office screen displays are great for business. They make a great first impression, help employees stay on the pulse of the company, track progress and highlight sales figures.

If you’re already tracking data and you have a couple of screens lying around the office, pairing up the two to transcribe data into a glanceable format really isn’t that difficult.

Cyfe is a dashboard creator that allows you to monitor statistics from social media, analytics, marketing systems, sales and even your customer support software. Joining up all of these systems used to be difficult, but Cyfe creates one simple dashboard that gives you everything you need to know at a glance.

Imagine how easy it would be to go into a meeting with up-to-the-minute stats in your head, or how much more energy you could bring to your sales meetings when you have a visual dashboard of figures to use for onus.

Here are a few of the ways Cyfe and digital signage dashboards could help you to better understand your sales and marketing data.

One dashboard, multiple information streams

You know that age old joke that marketing and sales teams just can’t work together? That’s about to end right now. You see, half of the cause of any relationship trouble is miscommunication. When teams are busy, either out on the road or launching campaigns, regular communication falls by the wayside. Yet with Cyfe, all of your crucial sales and marketing information can be pulled into one dashboard. This dashboard gets added to your digital screen and all of a sudden, marketing and sales align.

Cyfe boasts an impressive board of sales and marketing widget integrations, from Salesforce, to Instagram, Highrise, Xero, Campaign Monitor and more. Simply select the ones your team uses, load them up and you have a clear, easy-to-understand dashboard that collates multiple sources of sales and marketing data.

Real time reports and historical data

One of the benefits of most analytics platforms is that they update in real time. After all, data that was relevant last week isn’t much use to your marketing meeting today. Cyfe takes care of that, ensuring that the latest information from your widgets or custom data sources update without you doing a thing.

This means you can setup your digital signage displays then leave them to it. With data that updates in realtime by itself, you never have to question your communication channels or spend hours pulling custom reports again.

Secondly, you have the option to log historical data. In sales and marketing sometimes you want to compare year-on-year or campaign-by-campaign. The data you share now is archived, so creating end of year reports or exports is never a problem.

Customizable dashboards just for your business

One of the things that struck us when we looked at adding Cyfe to our App Store was just how flexible it is as a system. In any business, no sales and marketing use case is the same. You need room to customize, handpick the valuable data sources and ignore the ones that don’t matter.

Some of the use cases Cyfe gave us were startup dashboards that track those all important sign-up KPIs or social media dashboards that look at brand mentions and follower counts. Then you bring in a marketing dashboard that tracks email campaigns and web hits. Or perhaps you create dashboards by sectors; one for finance, another for IT and yet another for your Project Managers.

We could go on, but you get it. The options are endless.

With ScreenCloud’s playlists and scheduling features (explained fully in our full product demo) you can set different Cyfe dashboards for different times.

So on Monday morning, when you know you have your sales meeting, you can show sales figures. Then on a Friday, when the company’s winding down perhaps you show a weekly round up of project process.

Better Understand your Sales and Marketing Data with Dashboards

When it comes to cutting through data, there really isn’t a simpler way than using the digital signage screens already around you. With a cloud-based software platform like ScreenCloud, it’s never been easier to get your content and dashboards like Cyfe up onto your office walls. Head to to start a free trial or check out Cyfe in our App Store.

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