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Transportation and Logistics: How HR Can Boost Employee Engagement and Retention

Even though the Transportation and Logistics industry has been facing many hurdles in the last few years, the risk of losing deskless employees has become more prominent - leaving companies to revisit and reassess their employee experience strategies. Here we’ll unpack the impact that flexible schedules, appreciation, and positive workplace culture have on employee engagement and retention in the industry.

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The transportation and logistics industry accounts for about 189 million employees. That’s 7% of the 80% global deskless workforce. Even though it might not be the largest sector, it’s most definitely an important one. (Source: Emergence)

Despite this industry’s unprecedented challenges over the past two years - from COVID, Brexit, consumer demand shifts to even warehouse capacity limitations - the retention of the supply chain workforce has surfaced as yet another, prominent risk. 

This has placed companies under pressure to reassess their current internal communications- and digital strategies and highlight the needs of their deskless employees.

Although, 100% of companies in this industry are already ahead in their digital transformation efforts by increasing their budget spend on deskless technology – the exodus of deskless employees, doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

So, keeping employees happy and engaged might just be the helm in retaining employees through the already unsteady waters. And this can be done quite simply. 

How exactly can HR teams keep employees engaged and satisfied?

Digital signage can be effective an employee experience tool for HR teams in the transport and logistics sector to reach and communicate with their deskless employees.

But first, let’s address some areas of the improvement as indicated by Quinyx’s 2021 State of the Deskless Workforce (Shipping and Distribution Edition). And then, how ScreenCloud’s digital signage solutions can remedy these issues faced in this sector.

Flexible schedules trump pay increases

One of the main pain points for employees in the transport and logistic sector is inflexible work schedules, as these have had significant impacts on both employees’ personal and professional performances.

Inflexible schedules have led to employees missing important milestones, such as weddings, births or funerals (28%). Or it has forced employees to skip personal time which has negatively attributed to their mental health (46% among millennials).

Consequently, employees are reassessing and shifting their priorities - and their value for time has become so much higher than money. In fact, 27% of employees would prefer a flexible schedule above a pay increase.

Companies are therefore encouraged to meet employees halfway by allowing flexible schedules with more open lines of communication.

Increase ability and accessibility for employee engagement

However, be mindful that even with flexible schedules, employees have found it difficult to swap out shifts with colleagues if they’re sick because of the lack of access to appropriate tools or apps.

This further results in employees coming to work sick and wreaks havoc on employee satisfaction and productivity in the workplace.

Moreover, these deskless employees work in distributed locations that require physical labor - whether it be loading a shipment or transporting cargo. This means that they are restricted in receiving and accessing critical information that was distributed around the company.

Receiving information late, or not at all, can make employees feel that they aren’t seen or valued and that their input isn’t important.

You wouldn’t show up to a party, uninvited – would you? Relating to this thinking and giving employees access to tools that’ll include them in matters that are going on in the workplace, and even just to swap shifts, will boost employee engagement and participation.

Give recognition and appreciation where it’s due

Stifled communication and poor review processes are but some of the reasons why employees feel that they’re not receiving enough recognition or appreciation.

This notion is backed by stats referred to earlier, as only 48% of US and 36% of UK supply chain employees feel valued. That’s less than half in both respective countries.

While feedback has become a crucial tool to manage performance in the workplace, capacity still limits companies to maintain an effective feedback and review strategy. 

But, giving feedback to your employees, whether it’s good or bad, will help employees feel valued and that there are opportunities for growth and improvement.

Cultivate a positive work environment

A company’s workplace culture and environment significantly influence employee satisfaction and employee retention.

But, when a total of 39% of employees have considered quitting their jobs because they are unhappy in their work environment - is a reflective moment for HR teams (or should be) and how they can better cultivate a positive deskless working environment. To spark some inspiration, this can be done by:

  • Opening clear lines of comms
  • Encouraging employee-to-employee engagement
  • Creating a safe and fun workplace
  • Providing equal learning and advancement opportunities

How ScreenCloud’s intuitive technology addresses the needs of the deskless workforce

From retail, hospitality, and education, ScreenCloud’s digital signage solutions cater to various deskless industries.  

To address the pain points employees in the transportation and logistics sector face, HR teams can invest in signage tools to elevate their companies’ communication methods and reach their most distributed teams. Here’s how:

  • Display employees’ schedules ahead of time on dashboards so that they can communicate ahead of time if it might not work for them. These schedules can be displayed to respective departments without interfering with each other.
  • Ensure important information is received with integrated digital messaging or live meeting broadcasting functions.
  • Give a virtual round of applause to employees that have gone above and beyond by sending appreciation notes from management, teams, or even the CEO.
  • Keep employees engaged and entertained with integrated app channels that employees can watch during their 15-minute tea break.  

Find out how ScreenCloud can help you boost employee retention by connecting them with seamless and affordable digital signage solutions. 

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