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How to Enhance Workplace Safety Using Industrial Display Systems

Businesses across the board are fighting an ongoing battle with low levels of workplace safety compliance. Sharing essential safety protocols and encouraging employee compliance are the key issues behind these challenges. Industrial display systems are the solution to these persistent communication and compliance issues.

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No matter what industry a business finds itself in, safety and compliance are vital to ongoing success. In warehouses, factories, plants, and production facilities, there are countless at-work injuries and accidents that could have been prevented if employees had followed mandated company safety protocols and guidelines. 

Manufacturing companies need a simple, yet effective way of communicating and sharing safety and compliance information with employees. Unfortunately, most companies in manufacturing and production employ a largely deskless workforce who don’t occupy an office or have a pc, rendering mass emails and desktop reminders useless. 

Industrial display systems are a smart and cost-effective way to improve health and safety communication and compliance in the workplace. From digital signage in cafeterias and kitchens to production screens on the assembly line, industrial display systems can keep employees engaged, informed, and up to date on all health and safety measures in the workplace. 

What Are the Risks of Poor Workplace Safety Compliance?

In industries that operate heavy machinery or potentially hazardous chemicals or materials, employee safety is paramount and is often interdependent. This means that if one employee doesn’t follow safety protocols correctly, they not only endanger themselves but also every other employee in the vicinity. 

Poor compliance with workplace safety regulations could result in consistent injuries and accidents, affecting employee productivity and satisfaction. This could result in companies paying more to cover workplace compensation for employee medical bills and a higher employee turnover rate. In the long-term, ongoing safety incidents could potentially harm a company’s public image and hamper profitability.

The risks of poor workplace safety compliance are simply too great for companies to discuss safety protocols only once or twice a year. It’s essential for businesses to actively share and communicate safety procedures to employees at all times. Here’s how industrial display systems can help companies to do this with ease. 

How Can Industrial Display Systems Improve Health and Safety in the Workplace?

Keep employees informed at all times

Industrial display systems allow companies to consistently broadcast important health and safety procedures at all times. As mentioned, one accident or step missed in a safety procedure could put everyone working at risk. Digital signage allows businesses to fill in any employees’ gaps in knowledge or understanding through constant reminders. 

Keeping safety rules and regulations in front of employees at all times greatly reduces any risk of accidents or injuries. Companies can also use industrial display systems to test employee knowledge of safety protocols by sharing interactive quizzes and tests that employees can answer.

Share consistent messaging

Through digital signage, sharing consistent messaging across multiple locations is easy. This is useful if a business has multiple manufacturing, production, or shipping locations, all of which require comprehensive workplace safety communication. Industrial display systems allow companies to easily share consistent messaging across all workplace locations to maintain consistent employee health and safety compliance levels across the board. 

Update and amend policies with ease

Over time, there may be edits and additions to the safety policy. New protective gear 

As time goes by, there will be amendments and updates implemented to workplace safety policies, and these changes will need to be effectively communicated to all employees. Relying on industrial display systems to share these important updates is the best way to encourage the highest possible adoption rate of them by employees. 

Along with an official announcement, new updates can be rolled out across the company via digital signage which will ensure that employees everywhere take note. Consistent reminders and follow-ups can then be implemented until the changes have been fully adopted into workplace routines. 

Share emergency alerts instantly

Sometimes you may need to share an urgent or update with employees, whether it’s related to internal or external circumstances. Digital signage enables you to share accurate information with all employees in the fastest possible way. Whether it’s a fire, hazard, or extreme weather condition, industrial display systems can override current messaging to broadcast emergency updates and instruct employees on safety procedures to follow. 

Celebrate employee accomplishments and build workplace morale

Safety is vital in every place of work, but that doesn’t mean that following safety protocols can’t be fun for employees. Gamification of workplace safety compliance is a great way to encourage and motivate employees to stay updated on safety regulations and actively follow them. 

Companies can divide their workforce into teams and set goals and KPIs to track, like which team can go the longest without a safety incident, with rewards and prizes as incentives for high levels of safety compliance. Digital signage can also be used to celebrate workplace accomplishments and employee achievements, which boosts employee morale and happiness in the workplace. 


Ensuring your workplace safety messaging is comprehensive and consistent and that your employees understand and follow them correctly is always a challenge, especially for companies that employ a deskless workforce. Industrial display systems and digital signage software are an easy and effective way to share accurate and updated health and safety messaging with all employees and encourage better compliance with safety regulations. 

At ScreenCloud, we help businesses to enhance their workplace safety compliance and minimize the risk of workplace-related accidents or injuries by leveraging digital signage solutions. Book a demo with us and we’ll show you how we can help to level your health and safety compliance procedures.

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