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How to Make More of the Walls in Your Venue

Looking to setup digital signage in your venue? Check out these five key methods.

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How hard do the walls in your venue work right now? If you’re a museum, library, office reception or event venue, chances are you have a lot of wasted space. Here’s where digital signage comes in really, really handy. With digital signage (screens on walls), you have the chance to make more of the walls in your venue, transforming blank space into rich, media displays. 

It doesn’t matter what the decor is or if your paintwork could use a touch up, digital signage allows you to reinvent your brand, expand your message and engage with new ideas. In this guide, we’ll talk you through five ways to use it to make more of the walls in your venue. 

1. Reception display screens

Studies show that the first five seconds of an interaction with a person, building or brand are key to forming a good first impression. If you’re looking to welcome visitors with company information along with social media feeds or travel details on a TV screen in your company reception area, digital displays are the way to go. 

Reception display screens allow you to share useful content (wayfinding details, appointments, date, time, etc.) and allow you to combine this useful content with branding materials. Company presentations, video, images, social proof: it’s easy to add all manner of content to your reception screens that will make a killer first impression with guests. 

2. Personalized welcome boards

You know that feeling where you’re not sure if you’re in the right place at all? Digital signage in your reception or lobby allows you to connect with guests using a personalized welcome far before they get a human one. Personalizing welcome signs for your digital displays is simple; if you have a template in Google Slides, you can simply drop in a new slide for each guest and schedule it to play during their arrival time. So if Mr. Smith is arriving at 9am, you set your screens from 8:45am - 9:05am to welcome him to your venue. You could also combine a simple welcome with key information, like the photo of the person he might be meeting. 

This is a great way of creating an initial touchpoint with customers, guests and potential employees. 

3. Outward facing digital signs

As well as connecting with guests and those entering your venue, what about those passing by outside? Outward facing digital signs are just as easy to implement and allow you to share all manner of content to the outside world. Think of these screens as your venue’s personalized TV show to potential guests or customers. Content could include social media feeds (hey, new followers!), competitions, service offers (got some space to sell?), local business news or anything you like!

According to studies, 80% of customers have entered a store because of a digital sign catching their interest. How many more people would be interested in your venue with the right signage in place?

4. Employee communications

We often think of digital signage as a vehicle through which to connect with new and existing customers. But you know who are your best placed people to make real connections with customers? Your employees. 

“Employees are a company's greatest asset - they're your competitive advantage. You want to attract and retain the best; provide them with encouragement, stimulus, and make them feel that they are an integral part of the company's mission.” -  Anne M. Mulcahy

How many ways do you connect with your employees at this moment in time? Handbooks, manuals, portals, email - they’re all great methods of communication - if your employee reads them. Digital signage screens attract attention, providing you with a fast and effective way to communicate better with your employees. Here are five examples of how to use them for better internal communications. 

5. Ambient content 

Here’s the thing with any marketing method: you don’t want to just sell, sell, sell. The key is to provide relevant and interesting content that makes people want to buy from you. Digital signage screens are a heady mix of the two, allowing you to sell your company with advertisements and calls to action alongside ambient content that is genuinely useful to your audience.

There are two ways to implement this within your venue. The first is to use a zoned digital signage display, which allows you to create one core content zone and surround it with secondary pieces of ambient content. You could have a company presentation playing alongside a Twitter feed and live news, which means that when anyone looks up at the screen to see the headlines or tweets, they also get a glimpse of your content. Secondly, you can use playlists and schedules to break content down into an even mix. Perhaps you play 30 seconds of a company advert, followed by 30 seconds of beautiful Instagram images or crowd-sourced social media content. 

Ambient content that’s truly engaging is a great way to get more eyes on your screens and make more of the walls within your venue. 


Venue walls are often full of empty space, just waiting to be better utilized. Digital signage is one of the easiest, most effective and adaptive methods of connecting better with employees and your customers. To setup your first digital signage display for your reception or internal walls, start a trial at

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