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Unlock Your Employees’ Full Potential with Digital Signage in the Workplace

Employee engagement and development are at the forefront of employee retention within frontline companies. Encouraging learning and career advancement in the workplace is the key to unlocking employees' full potential and decreasing turnover rates. Find out how digital signage and industrial display screens can scale and streamline training and development in the workplace.

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As frontline employers continue to fight the high turnover rates, 54% of employees are still considering quitting their jobs.  That’s (a little) more than half of the deskless workforce. 

The effect of constant resignations results in continuous and repetitive training and re-skilling of new hires which isn’t only detrimental to workplace budgets, but also to employee productivity and morale.

Companies’ employee retention challenges versus employees’ reasons for leaving, bring a sense of irony as a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center found that 63% of workers who quit their jobs did so due to the lack of opportunities for advancement.

So, where are companies missing the mark? 

It should be a simple solution - a ‘one hand washes the other’ kind of scenario. But often, internal opportunities are overlooked by both employers and employees which raises the failing element of employee engagement and development.

As workforces are shifting to remote, hybrid or deskless working, employers are now encouraged more than ever to optimize their workforce training strategies in line with the needs of their workforces.

Adding workplace digital signage to a company’s training and development strategy can create an open and transparent workplace that helps boost the retention of talent. Here’s how:

Promote learning and develop growth mindsets

A survey conducted among 600 frontline workers, across four countries and various industries, indicated that 56% of workers felt that training would help them feel more connected to their companies’ goals, missions and values.

Workplace digital signage can help employers and employees engage better by enabling deskless workers to have a voice in professional areas they feel are lacking and require training. 

Getting employees to complete polls on the type of training they require and displaying the feedback on industrial screens around the workplace, might also give other employees a sense of confidence to put a foot forward.

Keep training short and sweet

Gone are full-day training sessions with paper-back manuals.

Have you ever left a training session and immediately forgotten what you’ve learned, or the information slowly deteriorates over a short period? Deskless workers feel the same.

According to Talentcard’s survey, 80% of employees have indicated that they prefer short training sessions instead of long training events, and 32% admitted that they forget their training after 30 days of completing the training.

Stats equal solutions. 

So, when optimizing a company’s training and development strategy, it’s wise for companies to also adopt a more modern approach when preparing training materials as well as considering employees’ schedules and locations.

Training must become as flexible as the deskless worker - creating meaningful and bitesize training material means they can digest information while on the move. No more post-training amnesia.

On occasion, longer training sessions will still be necessary to keep employees up to date on developments and new methodologies, but keeping employees visually entertained with industrial screens where the training content will display or even live training broadcasts, will help reduce learning fatigue and increase participation.

When employees aren’t stuck in a training room, digital signage with built-in integrations can help place visual training bits on a loop on industrial display screens where deskless workers are most prone to take a break or engage with colleagues - which will keep them alert and engaged. 

Internal career advancement and learning opportunities

As the saying goes – “change starts from within”.

Imagine conducting tons of interviews and spending countless costs trying to find the right candidate when they are right in front of you? 

You might ask: “Well, why didn’t they apply for the position in the first place?”.

Good question. But, according to 2022 HR research, only 2.26% of job applications are from internal employees. Could this be due to the lack of employee communication, where employees are misinformed and don’t even know about the vacancy of the position? Or perhaps other areas in the workplace that discourage employees from applying? Let’s go with the former.

To help with internal searches, companies must gain a clearer understanding of what their employees’ personal goals are within the company and to help them consider where they may be better placed or what opportunities can be offered to upskill them to the next level in their career.

Why are internal employees a better fit? 

Well, internal hires have proven to be six times more effective than other methods of hiring, according to the 2022 HR stats. Aside from that, it’s simply because existing employees already understand the company’s processes, missions and objectives (with the right training) – areas that outsourced candidates would yet to need to learn and adapt to.

To effectively communicate and engage with employees, workplace digital signage can help to:

  • Advertise vacancies within the workplace
  • Promote workshops and learning seminars or webinars
  • Announce new projects and encourage peer involvement
  • Frequently remind employees of the company’s values, mission and objectives

As the Great Resignation doesn’t seem to be hitting the brakes any time soon, frontline companies must prioritize retaining top talent through employee engagement and development.

Scale and streamline your workforce’s training and development with ScreenCloud’s digital signage solutions. Request a demo to find the most suitable and affordable solutions for your workforce.  



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