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The Role of Digital Signage in the Employee Experience

A satisfying employee experience enables your workforce and workplace goals. Digital signage can help you communicate efficiently with talent by providing up to date news events, announcements and milestone accomplishments has been known to increase engagement, improve morale and develop a company culture.

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As an HR or Communications leader, how do you ensure your corporate communications have the best possible reach and impact? 

Selecting the right medium for your organizational message is a key first step. Incorporating digital signage – or, as we like to call them, ‘screens that communicate’ – into your internal communications ecosystem is a great way to ensure that your people are in in tune with the latest company news and announcements, rotas and delivery schedules, new joiners and job vacancies; and so on.

A clear and efficient communication stream between management and frontline employees (like information cascade) is a major business success factor. Keeping everyone up to date in a fast-paced and dynamic environment is essential regardless of the size of the business; your internal communications should be a priority for your organization. 

As the working world undergoes digital transformation, it is not uncommon for businesses to use digital signage to ensure that their information is delivered promptly. Gone are the days when digital screens were a feature only used for advertising purposes – now people have realized that digital signage is also an efficient way of getting their message across to their target audience in the shortest time possible.

How Digital Signage Can Improve Your Employee Experience

In short, the employee experience encompasses the processes that make up an employee’s time with a company – the sum total of every touchpoint or interaction they have with their employer – from seeing the job posting, to producing work in the company environment, to their exit. 

A common misconception is that digital screens are tailored and best suited only for advertising purposes (think: Times Square). Digital signage is  more beneficial than you think when it comes to influencing your employee experience. 

Digital signage has provided an ideal opportunity for corporations with distributed sites and workforces to provide localized communications and content via the screens on the walls of their sites – in factories, break rooms, foyers, and more. 

The content on these screens keeps all employees informed about what’s happening, operationally and otherwise, in that specific workplace. 

Technology is crucial as we continue our journey into the future of work, especially in deskless environments, where digital signage can be a key player.

The following examples will show you how useful digital signage is in your employee experience.

Eye-Catching Information

Too often, company notices and alerts are missed or ignored, especially in busy, deadline-driven environments. By positioning digital signage at relevant workspaces, management can send out notices in real-time, ensuring that the communication channels are transparent and open. 

Behavioral science supports digital signage: messages make the most of employees’ abilities to process information in a limited time span, unlike traditional methods.

Clear Communication

Messages on digital screens are also uniform - enhancing transparency and preventing miscommunication as everyone receives the same message simultaneously. Digital signage encourages messages to be easy and attractive to read, while encouraging group collaboration and time-sensitive information.

Digital signage is ideal for delivering short snippets of information since people are more likely to remember and recall information on signs. Therefore, digital signage is an efficient way to help your employees learn and plays an important role in employee experience. 

Accessible Data

Over half (60%) of companies do not have thorough flexible technology solutions for deskless workers. Considering this with the fact that 4 out of 10 deskless workers reported slow technology in their workplace, then it’s clear there is a problem with accessing their tech stack. 

Each generation has a different way of communicating and different needs in the workplace. This means that various methods are often needed to engage all employees. Digital signage provides a way for corporations to update their technology to include solutions for deskless employees and for deskless employees to see real-time data on their corporation with a low barrier to implement.

Keeping Employees In the Loop

Only 51% of deskless employees feel knowledgeable within their organization

Digital signage can also display snippets of current news events, eliminating the need for employees to tune into social media or use their mobile phones to view news updates throughout the day. 

When it comes to broadcasting company policies to current or onboarding employees, digital signage should be utilized to the company’s benefit, since passive media is less likely to distract employees and more likely to be understood and retained.

Celebrating Employees

The recipe for the ideal work environment encompasses the right amount of encouragement and the ability to let talent know what their hard work is achieving in the greater scheme of the business.  

By incorporating digital signage into organizations of any size, internal communications, morale, company culture, and overall employee experience can be improved. Displaying employee events, work anniversaries and celebrating individual milestones on digital screens has been proven to be a great way of keeping employees engaged and motivated.

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