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What Are Modern Employees Looking For? And How Can Employers Tick Their Boxes?

What does new-age talent want? While engagement and motivation are at the forefront of employee needs, achieving them in a non-typical work environment can be challenging, but also achievable.

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Navigating the global workforce has never been more challenging, especially in an age dominated by two groups: remote and deskless employees. 

The traditional employee/employer relationship has undergone a significant shift - which some would say is long overdue!

However, planning and devising solutions for managing such a complex workforce has some leaders veering off course and banging their heads in frustration, asking the all-too-common question: "what do new-age employees want?!"

While we would have loved to provide you with a simple answer, the reality is that expectations are constantly evolving, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Still, employee engagement and motivation have been at the forefront of employee needs.

In this tech-driven era, pleasing five generations of talents with different needs seems near impossible, but it is still achievable with the help of workplace digital signage.  

Here's What Modern Talent Is Asking For


New-age employee culture is dominated by Millennials demanding more flexibility in their working hours and places of work. Employees no longer want to be pigeon-holed. Instead, they want to join companies that promote work-life balance and do not restrict their freedom. 

This new wave of workplace flexibility ushers in the sense of employee empowerment and is key for positive workplace morale and productivity. According to Owl Labs' 2021 State of Remote Work report, around 90% of talent said they were as productive or even more productive when given the opportunity to choose their working conditions. 

More remote working opportunities

The Covid 19 pandemic brought new light to the benefits of remote working, and there has been no looking back since! Many employees are willing to choose a company that offers remote work rather than a bigger paycheck. As the nomad culture continues to rise, more talent seems to value the opportunity to earn while working from any part of the world. However, many companies have not embraced it due to communication and engagement limitations. 

Efficient technology for deskless employees

Around 80% of the global workforce comprises deskless workers in retail, construction, and health care employees. (Learn about the benefits of digital signage for deskless workers)

So what could these employees possibly want? In the past, employers focused on equipping and building their work environment to cater to desked employees. Unfortunately, this has left staff on the ground with inefficient technology solutions, poor communication and engagement, and manual paper-based processes. 

It is time that the global workforce embraces technology 

It isn't comforting to note that almost 60% of companies have few flexible technological solutions to cater to their deskless and remote talent. It is time for companies to put plans into place to address the needs of all workforce as it continues to grow and change.

 In this day and age, gaps within the workforce should not exist, especially with the availability of constantly evolving innovation and technology. Action needs to be put in place to address the needs of each group of modern-day employees. If this isn't done, productivity and morale will be lost for those feeling like they have been left behind. 

It is critical to make investments in technology that leverage innovation to create engagement, capture attention, increase morale and enable managers to communicate with employees no matter where they are.

ScreenCloud Digital Signage Has Helped Over 8500 Organizations Strengthen Employee Engagement

ScreenCloud has helped over 8500 organizations improve their engagement and productivity with the use of digital signage. By sharing live updates and communication, you can enable everyone in your business to feel connected to each other and the company no matter where they are.

Learn how fast-growing software company anaplan turned unused screens into a powerful internal communications tool.

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