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How to Introduce Gamification to the Workplace With Corporate Digital Signage

Gaming principles can be used to alter, adapt and incentivize certain employee behaviors in the workplace and corporate digital signage is the key to successfully harnessing it and seamlessly rolling it out across a company.

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It’s no secret that companies across the board are grappling with increasingly low levels of workplace engagement and motivation. External stressors, as well as workplace concerns and issues, are negatively impacting the performance of employees around the world. In a bid to tackle this widespread issue, companies need to look at novel ways of inspiring and motivating employees, particularly those of the deskless workforce, while on the clock. Gamification implemented through corporate digital signage is one way that businesses are using to boost employee performance and productivity at work.

So what benefits do gaming principles offer for workplace productivity and performance? And how can corporate digital signage play a key role in facilitating gamification at every level of a business? Keep reading to find out. 

How Does Gamification Work?

Gamification is a strategy in which traditional game design elements like scoring, points collection, achievements, and rules are introduced to non-game environments to motivate and engage participants. Introducing elements of games to structured work environments can make the experience more rewarding and enjoyable for people participating, which in turn has positive effects on their motivation and performance. 

According to research, there are measurable benefits to implementing games-based activities in the workplace. TalentLMS found in their 2019 survey that 89% of respondents stated that gamification made them more productive and happier while at work. A further 89% believed that they would be more productive if their work was more gamified. 

Gamification operates on a reward system that incentives employees to participate in activities, challenges, and tasks, using points, prizes, and other motivators as rewards. This is not to say that applying any game principles in the workplace will bring about desired results or changes in productivity. 

Game elements need to be incorporated into the work environment in strategic ways that encourage and motivate participation without becoming boring or tiresome to employees. This is where corporate digital signage comes into play. 

Leveraging Corporate Digital Signage for Gamification in the Workplace

Leveraging digital signage is a simple and seamless way of incorporating more game elements among employees. Corporate digital signage shares and communicates data quickly and effectively across businesses without staff having to gather in a single place or rely on each other for misheard or unconfirmed information.  

Digital signage can be harnessed to entice and motivate employees to participate in gamified endeavors. Here’s how to ensure it connects with and impacts employees so they care about gamification in the workplace. 

Keep information as visual as possible

Our brains are hardwired for visual content. While there’s nothing wrong with text, it simply doesn’t generate the same emotional response that shape, color, and context do. Static text on a screen is not going to elicit any sort of strong emotions from your employees. Displaying visuals like images, charts, graphs, and bars will, on the other hand, continuously draw the attention of people walking by. 

Maintain motivation by displaying progress

While employees may initially feel excited about a new challenge or competition announced, it can quickly fall to the back of their minds amid other work concerns, without consistent reminders. 

Showing individual and/or team progress on corporate digital signage across the company will encourage people to keep pushing to achieve the set goal. Make sure screens are integrated with internal databases and update the leaderboards in real-time to keep employee engagement levels consistently high.

Encourage interactivity

Digital signage doesn’t just have to display results and progress, it can also be used to engage directly with employees. Running quizzes and multi-choice questions that employees can answer also promotes engagement and encourages microlearning in a fun way. If employees get the answer right they can either collect points for themselves or their team or win an immediate prize, advance to the next round, and so on.

Reinforce the reward

Sometimes we all need a little reminder of what’s waiting for us on the other end of the effort. In gamification particularly, which is rewards-based, you can reinforce strong productivity levels with visual reminders of the reward or rewards for the winner on screen. 

Using corporate digital signage to display visual reminders with a countdown of how much time is left can be especially effective in encouraging employees to give that extra push to get ahead. 

Celebrate wins and share successes

Gamification is not just about incentivizing behavior and monitoring progress, it’s about creating happiness in the workplace, and making work tasks more enjoyable for employees. Rewards are ultimately a means to an end when leveraging gaming principles in the workplace. 

To create a genuine sense of accomplishment and pride in employees, you need to celebrate employees’ efforts and share their achievements with the rest of the company. Public recognition and celebration will encourage future participation in other games-based activities from both the winners and other employees.


Corporate digital signage, like gamification, is a means of encouraging employees to participate in activities that will stimulate their sense of purpose in the workplace while encouraging them to reach new heights in their performance and help them realize their potential to achieve more.

ScreenCloud enables businesses to leverage gaming principles and other engagement strategies with comprehensive digital signage software. Book a demo with us and we’ll show you how we can help your business harness the power of digital signage effectively. 

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