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The Role of Workplace Digital Signage for Easing the Employee Mental Health Crisis

Mental health has become a huge struggle for the global workforce, especially deskless employees. Too many talents feel undervalued and overworked which has contributed to burnout, unproductiveness, and overall negative feeling about work. Making employees feel recognized and valued is not only important for employee mental health, but it is at the forefront of business success.

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What if the next global crisis is a mental health pandemic? It is here now and it is time to act. 

Negative emotions like stress, anger, sadness, and anxiety have been overpowering deskless employees leading to mental health issues around the world. In addition, it has become evident from trends like The Great Resignation that the majority of the workforce is struggling instead of thriving in their respective industries. 

To make matters worse, the deskless workforce around the world, who mainly work long shifts, have been reporting feelings of burnout, isolation and disengagement. For decades, this group of talent have been regarded as the ‘forgotten workforce’ as business focus has primarily been on office employees. Now the time for change is here.

Employee Disengagement and Its Contribution to Poor Mental Health

Employee disengagement has cost the global economy trillions in productivity each year. It is also a contributing factor to the growing employee mental health crisis.

Contrary to popular belief, these problems existed long before Covid-19 and have been steadily increasing over the past decade. Now, these negative emotions may be rapidly worsening while many employees, especially those who are deskless, suffer from burnout.

While more companies are starting to take notice of the importance and effects of employee engagement and recognition, many organizations continue to turn a blind eye to the problem.

The situation is worsened by the fact that some businesses have adopted a mindset of thinking that their talent needs to be ‘grateful’ for their jobs in light of retrenchments and a struggling economy.

This puts pressure on already burdened employees to live up to unrealistic expectations with little to no gratification. 

As we transition into the new age of employment, it is important to understand that while the world experienced a pandemic, we all did not experience it the same way.

Employees are placing value over money and recognizing talent and their contributions have never been more important than it is today.

How Can ScreenCloud Help? 

With ongoing investment in a growing inventory of ScreenCloud workplace digital signage and hardware, we aim to assist in improving: 

  • Deskless workforce inclusivity

Organizations looking to grow engagement and improve morale among deskless employees need to apply technology that addresses their unique needs. Digital signage has been an effective tool in improving communication and engagement among deskless employees. 

  • Employer brand strength

Employer branding is the way an organization promotes itself as a place to work. It comes from the external brand reputation the company has and the way its talent view and recommend it. Having an effective employer brand in place can lead to benefits including:

The Need for Workplace Transformation Is Here

As employers rethink their workplaces, they have lessons to learn from previous years. Most importantly, leaders need to recognize the influence of employee well-being and employee recognition to achieve business success.

Depression and anxiety do not discriminate and while there are many differentiating factors between people, disengagement and poor morale seem to be common among a workforce that desperately craves gratification, value, and recognition.

While there is no one size fits all approach to solving the problem, numerous organizations around the world have adopted workplace digital signage as an effective way of improving workplace engagement, enhancing communication, and making people feel valued even if employees are deskless. Contact us now for a demo to see how Screencloud can help you.

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