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5 Benefits of Digital Signage for Interactive Wayfinding

Need people to know where they’re going more easily? This guide has you covered.

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The first few seconds of a first impression are everything. It’s why many of our great customers go down the digital signage route in the first place. When people enter their buildings they want to know where they’re going - fast. Digital wayfinding helps them unlock access to every designated public area, without having to wait at reception first.

Digital wayfinding software, like the one we support from Wayfinding Pro in our App Store, allows you to set up an interactive map of your building. Using content you already have you can grab maps and turn them into interactive building floorplans and digital wayfinding systems. 

Here are some of the benefits that come with digital wayfinding software solutions.

1. Make navigation easier

We’re a generation of Google Maps users which means that when we need to get somewhere, we’d rather do it alone. When potential employees, visitors or guests arrive at your building, providing them with the tools to navigate independently is a gift. Digital wayfinding can be added to any screen, kiosk or tablet that you already have positioned in your lobby or corridors. This ensures your visitors can navigate from anywhere and can check in at any time if they need a direction refresh. 

Often, we absorb information better when we read or do it ourselves. Rather than have a staff member direct a visitor, digital wayfinding allows them to take charge of their own journey. This makes navigation easier and that all important first impression more seamless.

2. Save on staff time

What do most of your reception staff spend their time doing? Directing people to the right floor, department or office? Saving on staff time is one of digital signages’ best attributes. If one screen can allow multiple visitors to navigate where they’re going more effectively, your staff are freed up for other revenue-generating activities. With a software system like Wayfinding Pro you can even integrate photos, URLs and customer loyalty systems. This gives a further incentive for visitors and employees to use your digital screens and to really get to grips with your floorplan. The more information you can provide, the better equipped your visitors are to get to where they need to be. 

3. Make fast updates to floorplans

With printed maps and static signs, everything becomes out of date quickly. Names are changed, offices are moved and in hospital setups, the path you want patients to take can differ hugely from one week to the next.

A digital wayfinding system like Wayfinding Pro allows for quick updates to your system, such as closing off hallways to reroute traffic, which are displayed in real time. This means your digital screens are always up to date and more importantly, can support you in emergency situations or when you need to react fast.

4. Use multiple platforms

When we think of digital wayfinding we often think of digital screens. But it’s also a system that can be easily deployed to web and mobile platforms. This lets employees become familiar with floorplans before ever setting foot in the office. It also allows anyone on site or campus, to pull out their phone and have a quick refresh of where they need to be. We see this as a huge benefit in organizations such as hospitals or schools where it may not be feasible to have a screen in every corridor or hall, just due to sheer size. Sure it’s nice to have some digital signage screens up, particularly when you can pepper wayfinding with a ton of other interesting content too, but putting the floorplan in everyone’s pocket is a huge benefit. 

5. Install easily

One of the things we love about Wayfinding Pro is that you don’t have to be super technical to create your own wayfinding application. Pre-built or ready made interfaces are available, so if you already have floorplans you can drop these in and create directions without much assistance from your buddies in IT. Otherwise, an in-house developer or web-friendly colleague can follow the provided guidelines to help create your bespoke wayfinding app.

Once you’ve built your wayfinding app on the Wayfinding Pro website you obtain a URL which you can then add to ScreenCloud Signage using the ‘Add Web Site’ button on your content page. It’s never been more simple to add digital wayfinding to your digital screens right?

Find out more about joining the two together right here.

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