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‘No Desk’ Shouldn’t Mean ‘No Voice’: It’s Time Company Culture Included Deskless Workers

At time of writing, 2.7 billion people (give or take) in the world’s working population are 'deskless workers'. That’s a staggering 80%. Yet much of the energy behind employee engagement and internal comms strategy is focused into engaging corporate employees. Yeah, someone needs to look at that.

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For the 20% of the global workforce that are desk-based, 9-5 is more or less the model. Their desk, their email inbox and digital communications narratives bind them to their tribe, each other and the company culture.

For the remaining 80% or so that are deskless, employee experience can lack much of the ‘experience’ part. Is it any wonder some deskless industries face a 500% turnover rate?

Maybe it’s time to promote better inclusivity among the deskless workforce. Industrial display screens for the deskless workforce may be the perfect tool.

Why Digital Signage for Deskless Workers Is a No Brainer

To understand how business digital signage for deskless workers gives them an active voice and presence in company culture, put yourself in their shoes.

As a deskless worker, you’re rarely (if ever) at corporate HQ, or even at a regional office. While your office-based colleagues are updated and tuned into operational and company narratives, you go about your work relatively isolated.

For the deskless workers themselves, and corporate leadership teams, this alienation brings a raft of negative personal and business impact that hardly needs unpacking.

Poor information, poor coordination

On-the-go, deskless roles are deskless because you constantly have to be here, there and everywhere, on form and on time. Sure, you have your phone for updates, but that’s your phone and only you have access to it.

Besides, the last thing you need when you have your hands full is to have notifications going off in your pocket every five minutes.

Without a reliable source of information, busy deskless teams more easily lose the thread, giving way to frustration and even apathy.

Business digital signage and industrial display screens cater for the need to connect deskless workers into information flows, without constantly burdening their attention.

Whatever the environment, digital signage screens for deskless workers give them the option and flexibility to look up, tune-in and get the lo-down.

How Does It Feel to Be A Deskless Worker Without Digital Signage?

As your office-based colleagues open the latest operations update in their inbox, you’re left to make sense of department and company goings on through hearsay and rumor. Business digital signage and industrial display screens change all that.

No tribe, voice, no purpose

Whether you’re juggling Excel spreadsheets or tables, guests in a hospitality venue, or warehouse deliveries, your affiliation to others around you and commitment to your work rely heavily on a sense of belonging and purpose.

Employee-engagement in office settings drives and renews this sense of purpose with digital communications and HR incentives. Meanwhile, deskless teams remain in the dark.

The personal and business impact of being unseen and unheard

The personal impact of being disconnected from company values and the daily communication that reinforces them is emotional duress.

The business impact is crashing performance, emerging risks of all kinds and the constant expense of mitigating them.

Work stress is inevitable, but work stress is offset by things like status, feeling connected, valued and heard.

Needless to say, office-based roles that are plugged into two-way communications channels enjoy more of these perks than deskless workers.

It’s clear that there’s a void to be filled for the deskless workforce—digital signage for deskless workers is the missing link for out-of-office employee engagement.

Business Digital Signage for the Deskless Workforce: How Much Do They Cost?

The increase in retention when an employee feels heard and valued is sure to offset the cost of replacing a deskless employee, making it crucial to find a solution that grabs frontline workers' attention and appreciation.

Scalable digital signage solutions, like ScreenCloud, can offer your deskless environment a range of hardware, integrations, features and price plans. Already have your own screens? Want to keep brand compliance, or track ROI? No problem. Business digital signage for deskless workers costs less than you think.

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ScreenCloud’s digital signage can inform employees on corporate information like social media feeds, data visualizations, emergency alerts, and live broadcasts – or even simply the news, sports scores and weather. You can also see real time analytics on who’s watching your virtual screens from home and live screen statuses that help you to prove the ROI of disseminating important information to your screen networks

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