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How Office Screens Portray Company Culture

Creating an excellent first impression to potential employees entering your business means supercharging your office screens - here's how.

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Company culture is important for all businesses to prioritize, from Fortune 500 companies to startups. What makes 'company culture'? In essence, it’s the ever-evolving result of the team you bring together, how they work, their mindset towards success and challenges, how they communicate with the outside world and how they’re perceived by it.

Think of it like this: the family you grew up with are more likely to have the same values, morals and take on the world as yourself. You might differ in opinion, or have different interests, but your fundamental rules about right and wrong, how things work and how your house might run would be the same. If you were to move out of that family and join another, you might find it difficult. Your new family’s fundamentals about life and how they view the world would be different. They might be more The Simpsons, while you’re The Griffins. Perhaps they have more in common with the Obamas while you’re firmly entrenched in Kardashian. You get the picture.

This is how it feels for some employees when they enter a company where the culture is too removed from their own.

Identifying your best fit

What visual signifiers help a potential employee entering your office to determine the company culture? Slides and fruit bowls help, sure. Perhaps the office dress code would give some indication. But surely there’s a more concrete way of ensuring your potential employees get a feel for your company, its morals and where you see its future. This is where your office screens come in.

The power of good office screen content

In your office it’s likely you’ll have some screens up on the wall already. If you don’t, a few hundred dollars could ensure that you do. If you do have screens, I’ll bet they aren’t setting your world on fire. Perhaps they show the news on loop on an outdated Powerpoint file. What they don’t show (yet) is the signposts of your company culture.

When applying for a job or entering an office, we’re often faced with screens before people. They’re the perfect vehicle in which to transmit information and give potential employees and customers something to view while they wait. The power of good screen content in your office could be the difference between someone accepting a job and rejecting it. They could become powerful dashboards that create visceral visions of who your company is and what it believes in. Showcasing powerful presentations, beautiful customer testimonials or a live feed of your latest social media campaigns. With ScreenCloud, they could be edited to change at certain times of the day or the year. Showing relevant, up-to-the-minute content about your company’s achievements. Projecting company updates that were sent out on Slack just minutes before, capturing an event from last week or showing beautiful digital boards of what’s on today’s lunch menu.

How to turn your office screens into powerful company advocates

Confused about where to start in turning your office screens into your best brand advocates? Here are a few tips:

Don’t list your values, prove them

Sure you could tell an interviewee about how sustainable your company is or how much it cares about the environment. What you haven’t done is shown them. Use your office screens to show how your employees live those values each and every day. Broadcast a showreel taken from a weekend where you got to work on making your town a nicer place. Create video playlists of your team discussing how the values are implemented in everyday work. Strive to make your company values as self-evident, and as visual, as possible. You know your company is doing a great job at living your values, now it’s time to show everyone else.

Use visual manifestations of your brand

HubSpot uses video marketing to show off their company culture by using members of their staff in nearly every video they put out on their ‘Inside HubSpot’ channel. This would make for a great intro video mashup that could be sent to office screens for people to watch when they arrive. Buffer’s Instagram account is a collection of beautiful images from members of their team. Each week a new member of staff takes over the feed to showcase what a week is like in their life. What an interesting social media dashboard to help potential employees and visitors get a glimpse inside the team’s world. Other companies may have a mascot or diagram that best represents who they are or how they think. Use visual representations of your company culture to grab attention and align your company’s office screens with your company culture.

Encourage feedback

What says transparency more than an office screen which shares the thoughts, ideas and fancies of your team? From something as fun as voting on the day’s lunch options, to sharing in-house company jokes and memes. As well as in-team feedback your office screens are the ideal backdrop for client testimonials and the social proof that your company is living as it says. Putting your customers on the front line is better proof for potential employees than any static image or video showreel.

Stay relevant

What do office screens that show out of date content say about your company? Probably that you’re too busy to concentrate on the ambience of your office. But maybe also that you aren’t fussed about your employees or the people visiting. In this case, ScreenCloud is your friend. With a cloud-based content management system you can drop in content, edit playlists and change your schedules from anywhere in the world. You don’t have to be anywhere near the screen in order to make your screen content relevant. If you want to get really clever, you could edit the content in line for who’s about to walk through the door. That’s how simple it is to drag and drop new images, PDFs, presentations and more into your digital office screen displays.

Employees feel happier, more engaged and more comfortable when they’re in an office environment where they feel as though the company culture sits well with their own ethos. Your office screens are one of the primary vehicles in which to ensure them of where you’re at and where you’re heading. Make your office screens fun, make them relevant and make them personal. The result will be more engaged employees, embedded company culture and people who strive to work for your company.

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