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10 Ideas for College Campus Digital Signage Displays

A curated digital signage strategy can be a highly effective tool in bettering the student – and staff – experience. Here we show you how.

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It has taken the world of education a little while to catch up with their corporate counterparts when it comes to digital transformation. 

Of course this is largely in part due to funding issues. But there is a relatively simple – and affordable – way to enhance the student experience and build upon a college campus’ digital transformation strategy: digital signage. (Check out what one of our educational customers has to say about us here). 

Time for a quick lesson.

Digital signage is not solely reserved for the likes of digital menu boards and data dashboards. With an effective strategy, college campuses and other educational institutions can use digital signage for a variety of purposes, from broadcasting sporting fixtures to wayfinding. Think of it like your new favorite member of staff. 

All you need is some consumer-grade hardware (like the affordable Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K), screens and a cloud-based digital signage software solution: ScreenCloud. For more on the technical setup of digital signage, check out our guide on digital signage for schools.

The benefits of a digital signage system for College campuses

Digital signage is the future of the digital education space. Put (incredibly) simply, it replaces the need for things like physical noticeboards (as well as numerous other manual / physical processes). 

This is one of the main benefits: you can show your content anywhere. And you can update it from anywhere too; you could be based in one building – or even at home – and make content updates that would show instantly across your screens on campus. This is perfect for things like emergency announcements or room changes. 

10 content ideas for digital signage in College campuses

Departmental social media feeds

Love it or loathe it, you can’t escape social media. However, it is highly relatable and can present content in a familiar – and visual – way. With app integrations like or Taggbox you can aggregate all of your social channels, including user-generated content (i.e. posts from students), and display this across your digital signage playlists. This content then updates itself in real-time, and you can schedule for it to show at specific times.

Using a social media aggregator tool also gives you increased moderation capabilities with features like profanity filters. You can choose to only show certain accounts, images or content featuring specific hashtags. You can also disallow content containing certain phrases or images from showing.

Run student competitions. Provide exciting updates on sporting fixtures. Or simply post faculty news.


Digital signage can also help students stay engaged with the news and world events outside of the college ‘bubble’. With ScreenCloud you can embed a news app or run a news ticker along the bottom of your screen while your other content is running. 

Some of the news and world event apps you could add to your digital signage screen using ScreenCloud include:


As well as apps that import information that’s already created, it’s also easy to create your own. Dashboards provided by business intelligence tools like Tableau or Grafana can bring an interesting analytical approach to things like soccer results or student engagement surveys. Tools like this take data from a variety of sources and visualizes it in an easy-to-understand format. Read more about dashboards and the secure ScreenCloud Dashboards feature here

Room bookings

Digital signage is brilliant for managing room bookings. Show meeting schedules in advance and manage timings from afar by either updating content in real-time, or scheduling content in advance. Have a countdown timer to the next meeting, or even broadcast the meeting live to other screens for those who cannot attend. 

Empty space rental

We can’t take credit for this one. One of our education customers told us that their school gym was only used around college hours, sitting empty and unused at the weekend. Using digital signage, they set up a Twitter feed and a display that showed the empty slots when the gym wasn’t being used. This was seen by the public and students, so it became easy to rent out the space. 

Digital menu boards

For the cafes and bars on campus a digital menu board could help you sell more products and provide special or seasonal offers. Digital menu boards can be updated instantly to show specials, menu changes and even allergen information. Schedule content to show breakfast, lunch and dinner menus too, and even integrate a social media feed to see what your students are eating. 

Your school website

Another great source of digital signage content is using your own website. Create a playlist of your webpages to highlight school events, news and general information. For open days or inductions this is an easy source of information to upload, using our ‘add Web Site’ URL drop-in feature. 

Video and image galleries 

From sporting events, through to dances and work in the community, image galleries are easy to add to your content repertoire and can be a great source of student morale. 

Upload images from any source and then use our content folder tool to organize content, playlists and scheduling to decide what plays when.

Digital noticeboards

OK, so we don’t really want to replace the noticeboard. But we have made it digital. With our Noticeboard app you can display content directly on ScreenCloud-enabled screens. Update and upload content in real-time, like posters made with apps like Canvas


With easy access to Google Slides you can create presentations online or upload ones you already have, ready to share on your digital screens. Alternatively, you can live-stream your presentation across your screens, desktop and on mobile using ScreenCloud Broadcast.

Try it for free

Digital signage offers a new and innovative approach to student communications. Try it out for free for 14 days, or request a demo and we can show you how digital signage works within the education sector.

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