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The Game-changing Digital Signage Solution, Designed For Any User

Struggling to get the right content to the right people at the right time? Your screens are the answer – let's unlock their potential.

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Why ScreenCloud?

The only solution you need to drive engagement, productivity and sales with digital signage.

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Seamless content management

Manage your digital signage content flow across one or many screens easily and intuitively, via any device. Create, curate, or edit with a click.

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With SSO, custom permissions, audit logging and SOC 2 compliance; you can let the right people in while keeping your account secure.

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80+ apps, 1000s of integrations

We play nice with the tools and feeds you already use, including Clock, News, YouTube, Weather, Microsoft Teams, and Google Slides.

Start playing content in minutes

ScreenCloud works on any screen, TV or device, and there's no need to give us your credit card details.

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Behind the screens: a suite of tools at your disposal

Screens are the perfect medium for your organization's message, and we've got the tools to help you amplify it.


Scale on-brand content creation with Canvas design editor, which provides 150+ templates and screen-ready design tools to help you publish announcements, posters, digital menus and more in minutes. Digital signage can reduce printing and photocopying costs by up to 76%.

Always on-brand


Live stream meetings and important updates to all corners of your organization – employees can join wherever they are. Broadcast lets you interrupt or schedule as part of your existing screen network, using tools like Zoom or OBS. 43% of frontline workers can't put 'a face to the name' of HQ members.

Broadcast live streams to your digital signage screens

Get Social

Show off your organization's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds – on-brand and on the big screen. Inform, entertain, share employee content, and keep your teams feeling connected.Workers who interact with their employer on social media are up to 30% more engaged.

Broadcast live streams to your digital signage screens

Real stories, real results


Marcel Bordon


“The ScreenCloud solution is a very good solution for saving time, effort and cost. Our customers have reacted well to the screens in store. We hear from all our staff who say this has definitely created an increase in engagement and recognition of the brand awareness.”

Aaron Zander

Head of IT

“Before, information was only available on people`s laptops and desktops, so sometimes it was forgotten. Now, everyone feels more connected to each other in the company. Sharing information in this way brings us together.”

Sharon Winning

Continuous Improvement Engineer

“ScreenCloud has helped RPL save 65 weeks a year by moving from manual creation paper based reports over to digital signage, utilizing automated Microsoft PowerBI dashboards.”

Get the most out of your screens

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