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Studio’s Dynamic Playback Feature

Discover how the Dynamic Play feature can streamline content and simplify content management by shuffle playlists or picking items for playback to reinforce messages.

July  2023

ScreenCloud Post

With Dynamic Playback, you have the flexibility to handpick specific items or shuffle the entire playlist, effectively reiterating messages and maintaining employee interest By leveraging this feature, you can overcome the challenges of playlist monotony and create a dynamic and engaging digital signage experience that captures and retains your employees' attention.

What are the benefits?

Unique On-Screen Experiences: With the ability to selectively pick content from playlists for each playback loop, channels can create a unique and engaging viewing experience every time. This allows for dynamic content presentation that can keep viewers intrigued and attentive.

Flexible Content Selection: The feature's flexibility to choose one or many items from each playlist for every playback cycle, as opposed to playing through the whole playlist, offers content managers a high level of control over their channels' content. This can be particularly beneficial for channels with a diverse range of content or those aiming for a specific content mix at different times.

Thematic Consistency with Randomness: The feature allows for the generation of randomized playback while maintaining a specific theme. This blend of variability and consistency can help keep content fresh and engaging, while still staying true to the channel's overarching theme or brand.

How does it work?

  1. Start by adding a playlist to a channel. Simply navigate to the desired channel and select the "Add Playlist" option. This establishes the foundation for creating a dynamic viewing experience.
  2. There are two options available: Playback Mode and Pick Items.
    Playback Mode: Allows you to select whether to play back items sequentially (the current default behavior) or in a random order. This means that each screen will receive a different playback order when the playlist returns to the screen, enhancing variety and engagement.
    Pick Items: This feature allows you to specify the number of items the playlist plays each time it appears on the screen. For instance, you can choose to play 1 or 2 items from the playlist instead of playing all of them. This functionality works seamlessly with both sequential and random playback modes, giving you the flexibility to curate a tailored content mix.
  3. Select the mode you would like that playlist to perform.

We’d love to hear your feedback!

The Dynamic Play feature is available to all ScreenCloud users, so log into your account and start saving valuable time and effort by optimizing your channels and playlists.

We would love to hear how you have been using the Dynamic Play feature. If you have any feedback for the team or just need help getting started, chat with us.

Alternatively, if you’re not yet with ScreenCloud, talk to Sales here to get up and running:

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