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The Role of Digital Signage in the Employee Experience

Employee experience is an important business success factor. Communicating efficiently with talent by providing up to date news events, announcements and milestone accomplishments has been known to increase engagement, improve morale and develop a company culture.

March  2022

ScreenCloud Post

A clear and efficient communication stream between management and employees is a major business success factor. Keeping everyone up to date in a fast-paced environment is essential regardless of the size of the business. As a leader in the corporate world, you should always be looking to ensure that your talent is in tune with the latest company news, priorities per workspace, and internal and external communications. One way to achieve this goal is to incorporate digital signage and screens into your communications channels to ensure that the various workspaces within your organisation receive relevant communication from management.

As the world progresses digitally, it is not uncommon for businesses to use digital signage to ensure that their information is delivered promptly. Gone are the days when digital screens were a feature to arouse curiosity or merely used for advertising purposes - now people have realised that it is an efficient way of getting their point across to the relevant people in the shortest time possible.

Digital Signage To Improve Employee Experience

A common misconception is that digital screens are tailored and best suited for advertising purposes. This has been proven untrue as we delve into the human era of employment where employee engagement, culture and purpose are being prioritised by HR. The recipe for the ideal work environment encompasses the right amount of encouragement and the ability to let talent know what their hard work is achieving in the greater scheme of the business. 

Other areas that digital signage improves on are: 


Too often, notices and alerts are missed or ignored, especially in busy, deadline-driven environments. By positioning digital signage at relevant workspaces, management can send out notices in real-time, ensuring that the communication channels are transparent and open. 

Weather and other Information 

Businesses are fast realising the importance of engagement. Still, achieving it is no easy feat, especially in an era where five generations of employees work side-by-side. Each generation has a different way of communicating and different needs in the workplace. This means that various methods are often needed to engage all employees; however, an 'in your face' way of digital signage is a sure-fire method of catching anyone's attention, regardless of their age. Messages on digital screens are also uniform - enhancing transparency and preventing miscommunication as everyone receives the same message simultaneously. 


Digital signage is ideal for delivering short snippets of information and, therefore, an efficient way to help your employees learn. Many education experts agree that people are more likely to learn and retain information delivered through visual aids. Therefore digital signage plays an important role in employee experience when training. In addition, it provides eye-catching content that is easier to retain than when reading from a pamphlet or a newsletter.

Enhancing the Employee Experience 

Digital signage has provided the ideal opportunity for large corporations to offer customised screens per workspace that keep all employees informed on what's happening in the particular workspace. It is also a great way to display snippets of current news events, eliminating the need for employees to tune into social media or use their mobile phones to view news updates throughout the day. In addition, displaying employee events, work anniversaries and celebrating individual milestones on digital screens has been proven to be a great way of keeping employees engaged and motivated. By incorporating digital signage into organisations of any size, internal communications, morale, company culture, and overall employee experience can be improved.

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