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Bringing your customer testimonials into the real world

The power of testimonials is vast - it helps put customers in a state where they feel safe, and in good company. But these shouldn't just be confined to websites and social media.

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A lot of websites will have testimonials on them - you know, the quotes that confirm that Bob says "Wow, ACME widgets Inc have some of the best customer service I've ever seen" or similar. The power of testimonials is vast - it helps put customers in a state where they feel safe, and in good company. It's much like reviews on Amazon, or a recommendation from a friend.

The other day, a few ScreenCloud team members were in a wine shop in the UK, and we spotted a small, hand-written sign that said "Camille loves this wine for its floral notes and gentle finish. It's perfect with fish, or just for downing on the sofa with some Sex and the City". It made us laugh; the tone was fun, the message was simple. We have no idea who Camille is, but we assumed perhaps she was one of the staff in this wine shop. It worked, though: We picked that particular wine.

Have you ever thought about how rarely you see testimonials or recommendations out in the real world? To us, that's crazy, not least because we're in the digital signage space, and we know how incredibly easy it is to get content to show up. It doesn't really matter if you're selling wine, cars, or skiing jackets: A good recommendation or testimonial goes a really long way towards helping a customer make a choice to purchase.

We started digging around to see how we might be able to translate great testimonials into a real-world experience, and guess what; we found the perfect solution if you run pretty much any type of retail or service business that has a customer-facing element. Using our Noticeboard app, you can collect direct, pictoral feedback from your customers, and create in seconds, a great looking testimonial for your digital screens. A few clicks and your customer's conversations can be live on your digital screens - perfect for getting testimonials out into the read world.

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