Be it social media marketing campaigns, monitoring your brand’s social media activity, or displaying user-generated content at live events - can do it all, in real time, on your public display screens - and it works perfectly with ScreenCloud.

· Make ​your ​​events more fun ​for attendees​
· Spark social media engagement with ​your ​bran​d
· Increase your brand's reach across social media
· Manage your hashtag campaigns more easily by creating a branded central hub
· ​Measure your ​brand's​ social media​ effectiveness with’s analytics suite includes all the features you need in a social wall:

· Automatically aggregate content from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
· D​isplay​ your own custom branded background images​, logos​ and banners
· Take complete control of your stream’s content with manual pre-approval mode, blacklists, greylists, and user blocking

It’s never been easier to set up your own social wall! -